Monday, February 28, 2005

So Much For The Fourth Reich!

Thanks to The Hot Librarian I stumbled across this peculiar photo which is apparently a real promotional spot for PETA. Of course, this is an important message don't get me wrong, but hardly what I would have expected from the likes of PETA:

Anybody who has followed events regarding PETA over the years knows that this lovable troop of political extremists and terrorists have been well on their way to establishing themselves as the next great reich this Earth desperately needs. (Or could that be WalMart's plan?) But with advertising measures such as this I won't lose sleep over the notion. Besides, we have enough on our hands keeping our eyes on the cancer that is WalMart!

I mean the least they could have done was propositioned Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick to pose of the photo in cuffs. Now that would have most of America's (if not the world's) attention! Vets would be able to retire early!


Sunday, February 27, 2005

I heard of sticking one's head in the sand...

I wonder what she lost up there? Her car keys?

Reminds me of that scene in HEAT with Al Pacino questioning Hank Azarea about his relationship with Ashley Judd and what he knows about De Niro's crew. Hank wondered why he ever got involved with Ashley in the first place and Pacino replies loudly, "Cause she's got a great ass! And you've got your head all the way up it!!!" Every time I hear it I crack up.


A Brief Word On This Weeks Video Pick

Being nostalgic as of late I felt the need to dig in the crates (so to speak) and bring up this gem by Brand Nubian. Actually, this could have been the theme song for last night's escapade at The Nutty Irishman, but more on that later...


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Friday, February 25, 2005

No More Chinese For A Late Night Snack!

Last night I was feeling a bit tired and snoozed a bit after dinner on the couch in front of the TV, again. This is nothing new under the sun (or moon) as I find the recliners on my couch pretty comfortable. The TV tends to be a hypnotic enducing devise when I am tired and a great way for me to fall asleep especially if a cheesy show is on.

I woke up at around 12:30am and was surprisingly hungry as hell. My dinner was not huge but by no means did I pick. So I figured if I were to go to bed I would need to grab something fast because I would be up for the rest of the night with that all too familiar feeling in my tummy. Of course, Caesar heard me walking around and immediately tried to convince me that it was "morning" and time for him to eat as well. So much for sucker-free Caesar! It's amazing how dummies think they can outsmart others so easily. But I can't help chuckling when Caesar does this pseudo-jedi mind trick thingy, especially the looks he gives you. Caesar might not be the smartest pooch in the world, but he is my Caesar-dawg!

So, of course, I had company when I went to the Frigidair. Yes, I know I am a cretan (sp?) but I do stand there with the door open while I try to seek something out. It used to annoy Melissa but I cannot help it. I know I should know what I want to get and then open the door and get it but I can never make up my mind without gazing at the choices I guess. Caesar likes to help me look and would be more than happy to help himself if he had thumbs, but not in this life buddy-boy.

Anyway, out of the choices I had I settled on some left-over chinese. I saw about a third of a pint of shrimp and brocoli, half of a pint of beef chow fun and about three-quarters of a pint of vegetable fried rice. With my hand on my tummy as if I were trying to muffle the gripes being directed at me, I thought to myself, "two tiers and a bucket...!" I'll heat up the hole mess.

Now I know what you are thinking. That's one hell of a midnight snack, right? And you're right, but I was thinking economically. Not only would I be able to get rid of my hunger but I would be able to clear out the frigidair a bit as well. Ha, I'm actually getting chores done too! LOL But at the time my hunger was the clear and present danger that needed immediate attention.

So I heated up my masterpiece, headed to the couch and propt myself between the coffee table and couch indian style, and flipped the remote letting my plate cool a bit. As Caesar sat there three feet from me at attention staring at my plate I could only imagine what could be going through his doggy mind. I'm sure he was probably thinking what the hell is this shcmuck doing not eating that delicious food. But you see dogs have no sense of food temperature as I have learned.

One summer I was barbequing and, of course, had Caesar by my side all the way as burgers, hotdogs, and other assorted goodies made their way to the grill. As Caesar sat there and gave me little audible growls that sounded like, "Hey man, how about a frank, dude? Half a frank?? I'll take dumps strictly in the mulch pile from now on..." I could not help but feel for him. One thing I try not to do is feed him from the table or from the grill because this could cause him to develop annoying habits. It's not like we are talking about a yorkshire terrier or anything. Caesar is a rotty and anything annoying he does is only compounded upon by his sheer size. But I thought, what the hell, let him have a frank. So I grabbed a frank with the tongs and before I could place it to the side to cool it dropped on the patio. Of course, starter pistols fired in Caesars head and he quickly pounced on the frank. But the frank was, indeed, pretty hot! So I got to watch Caesar repeated pick up of the frank and then spit it back down on the patio followed by what I can only describe as a Daffy Duck-like spitting/raspberry sound. I laughed my ass off as Caesar kept at it pausing intermittently to give me the "scratching one's head" look.

So seeing Caesar watching my plate of Chinese made me laugh a bit in reflection. I ended up watching a movie called the "The Last Minute" as I ate. From what I could gather, the movie was about this cockney dude who makes it big somehow and enjoys quick fame only to see it start to crumble around him. He manages to loose a total shag of a girlfriend as well as run into all sorts of trendy-ass characters in night clubs, photo shoots and interviews. He was obsessed with cranium size, too. Weird little cunt as the prats would say!

One scene that was particularly striking was where he and his girl go to this ultra-ultra-exclusive club made from a converted meat processing plant. Basically, the decor was kept the same with the usual onslaught of DJs, half-naked dancers, body piercing and tattoo booths and macabre groups of people including these two bull-puffs who stayed inside of a freezer and shoved it into each others show the whole time until the party broke out. The highlight, however, was when one of the chemically tweaked owners head-butted a bloke and then proceeded to burst into a live show tune medley. Gotta love the Brits and their story telling style. The punters sure make interesting cinema!

After I was done eating and felt better I decided to lay down on the couch and finish watching said movie. Of course, I fell asleep before seeing the whole thing which will make me watch the movie again. I look forward to this actually because I think the movie was pretty weird in a good way. Thought provoking if you will. Well, it must have provoked my dreams as well because I had one hell of a strange ass dream-bender!

I was driving to my friend's gated community where he rents a town house. I show up at his house and see all of the other people who live there a out in their yards and in the street playing, runing around, walking their dogs, etc. completely naked. The grounds looked like something out of the Teletubbies. So I get out of my truck and look around and two shags run over to me and ask me [enthusiastically] if I am moving in. I look them up and down and before I can answer them they start helping me take off my clothes. One of them pinches me on my ass and then they run off. Now I am naked beside my truck with a picnic basket in one hand and a beach ball under my other arm. I walk up to my friend's door and walk in. Now his house is not layed out like his house anymore, it looks like his office building, but not quite. I make my way further inside and put the basket on a dining room table and drop the beach ball. I hear laughter and thumping around so I make my way further inside. Next thing I see are two more naked shags soaking wet running from my friend (also naked) who is spraying them with an old-school style seltzer bottle. They make a few loops in front of me and finally my friend runs over to me and says, "hey, did you bring the ball?!" I say "yes" and he tells me to come on. So him and I chase the girls around the house until I find myself with one of the chicks in the kitchen. She's now holding a tulip and sitting on the counter. She asks me to cool off with her for a minute and pats a spot on counter next to her...

And then I woke up this morning to the sound of the neighbor's snowblower as Sean was doing the rounds clearing my driveway of snow. Now the funny thing was the fact that the dream, other than the naked people, really wasn't sexual at all. I didn't wake up with a hard-on or anything. Weird f&@#ing dream, indeed.

My neighbor Sean is real industrious. He must have made nearly $400 bucks last blizzard doing peoples driveways with his grandfather's snowblower. That's a lot of change for a 14 year old kid! He was at my house this morning at 8am sharp. He's a good kid. I'm glad he woke me up when he did because I do not like to over sleep during the week, especially on Fridays when I do running around.

So even though there is no scientific evidence, I guess I should stick to tamer foods like PB&J for a late night snack en lieu of Chinese...


Thursday, February 24, 2005

3M Advertising Execs Earned Raises!

Couldn't pass sharing the love! 3M placed these free-standing structures featuring real money enclosed within their Security Glass on the streets of Vancouver as part of their product promotion. I've heard of putting your money where your mouth is but this takes it to a whole new level. Cheers to 3M! I'm booking my flight to Vancouver right now... j/k!Posted by Hello


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Sport That's Made For Kings, Better Than Diamond Rings... Wallyball!

In light of my Volleyball league's spring season beginning next week, I thought it would be a good idea to warm up the ol' joints a bit with a night of Wallyball. The crew and I, along with other friends had done quite a few weeks of this during the summer and it was a good way to bridge the gap between spring and fall seasons. The winter on the other hand can be brutal. Now that the winter has been with us (the Holidays especially) everyone was feeling very out of shape. Nobody likes returning to league feeling like they are glued to the court!

I am in pretty good shape during the off-season because I lift and try to hit the trails when I can. But the winter is just too cold and wet to really mountain bike religiously. So my wind tends to get shallower. I had a feeling I would be sucking wind after an hour or so.

On my drive over to the courts, I saw something that would really haunt me a bit for the rest of the night. Maybe haunt is too strong of a word but it was on my mind the entire night anyway. I was on
North Ocean Avenue heading up to the courts when all of a sudden something flashed in front of the head lights of a car going in the opposite direction. Next thing I hear is a thud and I see a dog flying over the front quarter panel of my truck! The pooch (looked like a shepherd) darted out in front of the car heading towards me. The car must have been going pretty fast because it sent the dog flying over my hood. For a split second I thought the dog was heading into my windshield. Instead, it passed over my hood, I slammed on the breaks and when I turned to look out the side-rear passenger window I saw the dog dart into the woods. From the moment of impact when I heard the thud all I could hear were cars skidding and the high-pitched yelp of the dog. This made my heart sink a bit.

I hopped out of my truck to try and see where the dog went but I couldn't see in the dark but I could hear the yelping getting further and further away. The other driver came over toward me and I asked him what the hell happened. I basically saw everything but I wanted to hear the other guy's point of view. Apparently what I didn't see was that the dog had hopped over a short chain link fence, the kind with the slats in them, and continued to run right out in front of the guy’s car. Since
North Ocean Avenue is a highway I assume he was doing the usual speed (over 55 I'm sure, I'm guilty of this myself at times) so the dog got hit hard. The guy told me he would turn in to the development and see if he can find the house whose yard the dog came out of to see if anyone knew about the dog. This made me feel a bit better but figured it would be awkward for the guy since the dog crossed the highway and went out of sight. Feeling confident of the situation, I hopped back in my truck and headed off. On the rest of the drive I kept thinking about the dog though.

When I arrived at the courts I was the first one there. This was good and bad because I had the opportunity to sit and think. Of course, I thought about the poor pooch! But after about ten minutes or so people starting coming in, so we chatted it up and it took my mind of things briefly. The games were a bit intense as there were no real blowouts. After three games I could feel my leg muscles getting tight and I was definitely sweating it up major. For those that have never played it, Wallyball is an easy game to learn to play and very addicting. The game tends to be more about controlled shots rather than power shots like in Volleyball. Plus, playing on a racquetball court makes the movements tight and lateral movement a key. I would have to say the most intense court games for me are Handball, followed by Racquetball then Wallyball. Handball being the hardest and Wallyball being the easiest of the three sports. I have never played squash, but none of my other friends do either so that sport will have to remain on the back burner.

Let me just say after two hours of play you are definitely ready for the hay! (Ha, the rhymes... LOL) On the way back home I took the same route so I could see of there was any sign of the poor pooch that got hit but there was none. No blood or anything else on the road, although I know this says nothing about any internal injuries the dog has. And I'm sure it would have some from the severity of the hit. In any event, I was glad I didn't see blood because that would have kept me up last night.

I think it is important to explain that I am basically pretty tolerable of many things in this world. I think the reason why people think I am such a nice guy is that there only a few things that really flip my switch and turn me into a real bastard son of a bitch. And these things rarely come up in day to day life. Four things in no particular order that definitely bring out the hulk within me:

1. Child Molesters/Abusers
2. Rapists/Pedophiles
3. Spousal Abusers (particularly men who hit women)
4. Animal cruelty

Clearly the motorist did not deliberately look to hit the pooch, but it still brought out feelings of disgust and outrage. While I was daydreaming in the shower last night, I remembered a time when I was at the Sandspit when I was maybe twelve or thirteen. The Sandspit is a local park, beach and ferry port here in town. Of course, the place has lots of seagulls. Now people are either indifferent to or really hate seagulls. My Pop hated seagulls because they used to give away the ships in the South Pacific to the Japanese during WWII. So whenever he would lay eyes on one he would reply, similar to a reflex response with, "...filthy f#&@ing birds!" To me though, seagulls are just comical birds. They serve a real good purpose as well because never do you see any food items, wrappers or anything like that in the parking lot at the Sandspit. Bottles and cans are another story. But the seagulls are very efficient custodians.

Anyway, one time I rode my bike to the Sandspit with a friend and while we were down there we saw a couple of kids feeding alka seltzer tablets to the seagulls. The kids were obviously driven by the urban myth that if you feed a tablet to a gull it will cause it to exploded because the gases cannot escape the stomach fast enough. In case you do not know what alka seltzer does to birds, it doesn’t kill them, but it puts them through an unnecessary hell and possible injury. I am not claiming to be an expert by any means. But apparently birds do not burp or handle intestinal gases like we do. Plus, the fact that a single tab is a blatant overdose for an animal the size of a seagull makes it even crueler, in my opinion. Basically, a seagull will snatch down the tablet and within a few moments the tablet reacts inside the bird’s stomach and makes it froth and foam at the mouth a bit. At First the foam is white but in rare instances it becomes crimson tinted. I could have been wrong but I assumed this was from bleeding (?). If the gull is perched on the dock you will see it flip out for a brief moment and attempt to fly off. Sometimes other gulls will follow it thinking it has more than a mouth full of food or something.

Seeing this enraged me so my friend and I ran over to the kids and knocked them around good. I made sure to got the alka seltzer and throw it out which didn’t seem to phase the kids. Only the ass whooping made an impression. Since we were twelve or thirteen the ass whopping really wasn’t anything too serious. I am sure they thought twice about screwing with the seagulls. At least that’s what I thought back then. I’m sure these were the type of kids that would shoot your cat with a BB gun or tease your dog from outside of the fence, in other words scum bags in the making! I could not have been able to police that town but I felt better at least venting my outrage and making a statement.

I seem to have gotten off track a bit but I thought the story was relevant. I’ll finish up by saying that being cruel to animals is wrong! Exercise is great! Wallyball is great! Everyone should round up a few friends and go out and play for a night. It is a lot of fun and, of course, helps to relieve stress and improves manly and girlish figures. One sick pleasure of mine during pick-up games is watching all the smokers look like their lungs are going to explode after like twenty minutes of play. My friends and I just laugh our asses off at the pathetic slackers. In retrospect, it was a full evening for a Tuesday!


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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I've got Class, yay! I've got Class, yay!

I wanna go to the movies! Yay! Yay! Yay! I wanna go to the movies! I just love Special Ed... GO BEAVERS!!!

Anyway, as I was digesting my lunch I decided to surf around and get some synapses firing, if not for the first time today. Thanks to RJ, I headed over to here to take the White Trash Test. I don't know what compelled me, but I think I just could not be complete unless I knew just how white trash I am. You know, where I fit into the hierarchy. I know I'm limey as hell already but white trashy could add a bit of flavor to my unique pedigree.

Turns out my score was less than I thought...

I am 9% White Trash.
Not at all White Trashy!
I, my friend, have class. I am so not white trash. . I am more than likely Democrat, and my place is neat, and there is a good chance I may never drink wine from a box.

So what did I learn? In many parts of this country I would be considered classy. I don't feel classy, though. I mean, yes, I wear suits, drink wine from bottles (by the bottle at times) and go to pubs that lack saw dust on the floor but I wouldn't say I'm any classier than the next bloke. I don't think I am even trendy, comsopolitan or metrosexual in the least. Oh well.

Hey, come to think of it. Because I like Crank Yankers and South Park so much maybe I am more white trashy than my score says. Maybe they need to modify the test just a bit.



Sunday, February 20, 2005

A Reunion of sorts...

Thanks to Colleen Cox for reintroducing me to Good looking out you crazy bird! ;)

I first met where the "...unattainable is unknown..." back when I was at Uni in 1994. Glad to see that some things on the Internet have longevity! Too bad the real age of cannot be readily ascertained. For an anniversary the creator could make a "Son of" (?). Or perhaps make the music more percussive and the emcee more rhythmic and we could have a where "...even tighty whitey can dance..." (??). LOL Back in the day, MTV used to have a commercial featuring these animated Tiki characters and the voice for sounds just like one of the characters. Flashbacks are a real bitch...

Seriously, when I went to the url I was amazed that the banner, flash animation flower and soundtrack/voiceover have remained unchanged. Things like this while so trivial are still kinda cool!

...the infinite is possible! Speaking of which it is time for my tea.


Friday, February 18, 2005

Gmail finally comes through!

I can't even remember when I signed up for the invitation. Must have been back in September 2004. Finally, though, I have my Gmail account. Now what? Well, this will help when I move so I am not out of contact for too long while I'm switching ISPs. I see there are some features that I am yet familiar with so I have to learn a few new tricks I guess. Been getting a lot of practice at this in recent months.

I finally got around to upgrading my wireless network here at the house. I find the coverage within the house is a lot better. I still haven't made it all the way outside yet, but it is still a bit chilly to be sitting outside surfing the web after dinner. In addition, I set up security because I have noticed neighbors saying they have gone wireless. While the chances are slim they would be interested in hacking my network, I thought it was a good idea anyway. The teens around here are more tech-savvy and could engage in a bit of network sabotage just for shits and giggles. Maybe not. But still I feel better about it.

This afternoon I get to baby sit Colin, my next door neighbors' three year old son, while they pick up their new Chryslor Town and Country. I enjoy Colin. I think he is a pisser. His vocabulary is advanced when it comes to four letter words, but at least he says them in the proper context. For instance, if he spills a bunch of his blocks on the floor he'll shout "shit" and then look at you with his hand over his mouth, shocked. I try not to laugh in front of him when he does this because that would only encourage him. But when he is not in ear shot Audra, John and I always have a laugh about it. I want to try to get him to say 'son-of-a-bitch' because in his little people voice it sounds simply histerical! We'll see. I'll have my cell phone handy in case he falls down, trips over something or just gets pissed at the DVD playing. Ah, the things that can entertain you when you are lonely? Amazing...


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Exfoliating with Shellac!

Neutrogena has nothing on me! As those of you know, I have been completing a series of little touch-ups around the house in final preparation for its sale. Some of the paint in a few rooms has been there since I was a wee tot. So I made up my mind that I would spruce things up a bit.

After loading up on some more supplies like paint, sand papers, etc. I jumped into work. I have a few spots where the color has been 'off' from years of sunlight and moisture exposure so I figured I would apply some shellac to seal the areas up and then hit 'em with a fresh coat of paint. I began to shellac and I started to notice that I had some drippings on my index and middle fingers of my right hand. Shellac takes like an hour to dry so I wanted to clean up and get some lunch in the interum.

I had some witch hazel in the house so I figured it would be good at breaking down the shellac before I use the soap. After scrubbing a bit with the witch hazel and began to notice my two fingers looked like they were exfoliated with a laser, similar to the scientists in the Andromeda Strain.

On a side note, I wish they made cameras more left-handed friendly. I'm ambidexturous so it really doesn't matter either way but today especially I would have liked my camera to be neutral handed. At least so I would have had a better time snapping these shots. I have short stubby fingers to begin with plus many of the buttons on the Nikon Coolpix 5000+ series cameras are near microsccopic. So it made for some comical moments until I was able to at least mechanically get the shots off. I apologize for their quality as I was unable to coordinate any better :) . Oh yeah, my toes are stubby as well as you can see in the second shot. Paint 'em green and they look just like the Hulk's...

One cool thing is that I am unable to make a smudge on glass nor can I produce a finger print with either of these fingers. The shellac removed all the natural oil plus a very, very thin layer of dead skin. My fingers feel really great - supersensitive to the touch. I'm not saying I would do this on both my hands as a cosmetic measure but at least this would have been a much less painful option for someone like Kevin Spacey in the movie SE7EN to remove the trace of his finger prints.

Anywho, the moral of this story is to make sure you actually wear the vinyl gloves you made the point of purchasing for this project in the first place! :)


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Lance to compete in 2005 Tour de France!

Yes, finally! Lance will go for an unprecedented 7th-straight Tour de France title this spring. Previously, during interviews Lance seemed not willing to commit to competing in this year's Tour de France speculating on his health condition and whether or not he would, indeed, be able to compete at the level which has brought him 6 Tour de France title in six years. This year's Tour looks like it will be intense with 21 Stages comprising over 2,200 miles! Be sure to check out the link above for the full story as well as here for additional coverage. Also, check out Lance's web site here for highlights of his last 6 titles. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Drivers face hefty fines for exposing porn videos!

I stumbled upon this article while digging around in one of my favorite newsgroups, alt.movies. (I know, go figure.) Special thanks to Jai Maharaj for bringing this to everyone's attention. I guess the only thing I can possibly say is that it was bound to happen sooner or later!

It's worthy to note the differences between states. I am unaware of a similar action or law trying to be passed in New York State for which I am certain this happens with much more frequency, especially in the Boogie Down. Suffice to say that if I were stuck in traffic on the BQE or LIE and I happened to gaze over at the Escalade next to me sitting on chrome dubs and happened to see the very acrobatic Jenna Jameson doing her thing, the first thought that would come to my mind would be, "...who said New York traffic was bad?"


By Christina Bellantoni

Washington Times
Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Richmond - Drivers who stock their mobile DVD and video tape players with adult material should face a $250 fine if passersby or other motorists are exposed to it, Virginia lawmakers decided yesterday.

The House yesterday unanimously passed a bill sponsored by Sen. Harry B. Blevins that would impose a $250 fine if
"obscene" material played inside a vehicle on a public
street is visible outside the car.


Be sure to check out the link for the complete story.


The Memories...

Burning the midnight oil... I stumbled upon this old shot from when I was still completing my thesis. What sour times. I laugh when I see this picture because I either look like I am concentrating really hard, attempting to pass a kidney stone or trying to make the mouse cursor move with the power of my mind (or lack of). I think the saddest thing is that when I read the thesis it sounds like such miserable shite! Oh well, the price you pay for a Master's... Posted by Hello

No More Wire Hangers... EVER!!!

I've been making it a habit of knodding off on the couch after dinner this past week. I think I may be eating too many carbs at dinner. They're said to make you drowsy. Anywho, I awoke startled and caught this on TV late last night. I snapped it on my new laptop. My old one is finally ready for the pasture now that the DVD drive is completely dead. My new one is cool cause it has twice of nearly everything (RAM, HD, battery life, etc.), a TV tuner plus it only weighs 3 lbs. What a demented bitch, eh?! I'd never miss an appointment ever, simply have this as my alarm clock chime and scare me out of bed. Yikes! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

An Apprentice For Martha Stewart?

I hate falling asleep right after dinner because I always wake up really late (or early depending on how you look at it) with TV blaring and I can never get back to sleep. So, in the wee hours of the morning I usually find myself surfing the web catching up on reading I should have gotten done during the day. I like Googling for news stories that appeal to me when I watch the news mornings during breakfast.

One story that caught my attention but not my immediate interest was the auditions for an Apprentice-like show centered around notorious inside trader Martha Stewart. Can the networks and producers really be serious? Although I do not watch The Apprentice with Donald Trump network shows always annoy me), I can imagine how the formula works for viewers. Donald's business savvy and his reputation are not in question at all. Obviously, many admire the man and all he has accomplished. So for the opportunity to prove themselves to the Zen Master of real estate development participants will jump through the hoops necessary to produce drama and attract lots of viewers every week.

Now for Martha, a Zen Master in her own right (I'll admit some of her ideas I of all bloke have fancied), there exists a similar devoted admiration among those involved in her industry. But can a show based on The Apprentice theme really translate to Martha Stewart's style. I mean I'm sure this broad can yeild a set of "brass balls" when she needs to because she would be as successful as she is without doing so. I just don't see a similar edge to Martha's show. My gut instinct tells me the show would take on a rather whimsical, soft nature with the occassional drama similar to Bravo's Project Runway. By the way, I watched three episodes of Project Runway in a row during the month of December. Reality shows are starting to rely too much off the fat of the land and the "fat" is getting scarce. Unique ideas are one thing but not everything deserves a spin as a reality show. Soon I think we will all see a thinning of the herd of reality shows which cannot come at a moment too soon...

This news article caught my attention in particular because of the obvious fanaticism for both Trump and Martha by the author. I mean really, Derrik, must you refer to Trump as "Him" and Martha as "Her" en lieu of just "him" and "her." I have a decent grasp on grammar having written a thesis, but I am not sure on every little nuance. But the only time I have seen this done is in the Bible whenever a verse references God. Now, I am familiar with the notion that people think of Trump and Marths as gods but really. I think this whole thing is a bit out of control. In any event, besides what I mentioned the article was interesting in shedding some light on the direction Martha might be heading.


Sucka-Free Caesar!

2/9/2005 - This shot must have been popped during the late Fall because I have the grill covered up. Caesar looking at Boo of course. Whether its with the ladies or his bitches, Caesar always knows how to mack. Now, if he only knew how to rake leaves... LOL! Posted by Hello

Summertime Caesar!

2/9/2005 - Laid back style. Melissa popped this shot with myself in the way background (probably washing the cars). To the left, the yard was still dug up as I was installing a raised garden bed. Caesar liked the area so much he would always leave me a "road apple" to remind me he cared. LOL! Posted by Hello

Lil' Caesar In The Hizzle Fo' Shizzle!

2/9/2005 - The key to working with Rotties is distraction! If Caesar knew I was about to pop the flash he'd be like Scooby Doo in a haunted house. Melissa was just out of sight tempting him with a Caesar snack, like a small Poodle. J/K! Just look at that face. Can anyone say Punch Drunk Love, LOL! Posted by Hello

Caesar Dawg!

2/9/2005 - By request I have dug up some pics of the Caesar dog in all his glory. These shots are rarities because he never wants to sit still for the camera. You wouldn't think it but cameras scare this knucklehead. Boo always had him wrapped around her finger. LOL! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

All Work And No Play Makes The Mack A Dull Boy

In case some people think I have fallen off the face of the earth, I'm alive and kicking. I've just been busy with a few little projects here and there. It hasn't been a dull time by any stretch of the imagination and when I get the chance I will be checking in very soon with updates!