Sunday, February 20, 2005

A Reunion of sorts...

Thanks to Colleen Cox for reintroducing me to Good looking out you crazy bird! ;)

I first met where the "...unattainable is unknown..." back when I was at Uni in 1994. Glad to see that some things on the Internet have longevity! Too bad the real age of cannot be readily ascertained. For an anniversary the creator could make a "Son of" (?). Or perhaps make the music more percussive and the emcee more rhythmic and we could have a where "...even tighty whitey can dance..." (??). LOL Back in the day, MTV used to have a commercial featuring these animated Tiki characters and the voice for sounds just like one of the characters. Flashbacks are a real bitch...

Seriously, when I went to the url I was amazed that the banner, flash animation flower and soundtrack/voiceover have remained unchanged. Things like this while so trivial are still kinda cool!

...the infinite is possible! Speaking of which it is time for my tea.