Thursday, July 20, 2006

Breaking News and Errors to Correct

First off, the link in my last entry to my Bracket for Bricktop's 4th Annual DJ Spin-Off is INCORRECT! Turns out the link is not a dynamic link meaning it does not reflect the new Url created everytime I update the Google Spreadsheet. If the url were dynamic it would auto-update the newest version of the spreasheet for the link. (Side note: I might have to write Google about this because this is a real pain in the arse!)

In the meantime I made a few scans of the spreadsheet as .jpg files for your viewing here:

I had to rescale the bracket to make it more reader friendly but y'all get the drift. Now if this were anything similar to my March Madness Pool Brackets, and we were betting on the winner of the year's Spin-Off, the bracket would automatically update a players score given the correct choices made for the advancing DJs per round. Ah, but the Spin-Off is about the music and not about making money!

Alas, I cannot wait until next March...

Oh and I almost forgot, I will be a guest judge tonight for the continuation of first round competition at the DJ Spin-Off! For those new to the competition I would highly recommend you attend because the music is really good and obviously the Bricktop vibe is second to none in the great city of Lincoln. So for all those who can make it, see you there!