Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New annoyances...

Let me just go ahead and lay this one out first in a fast and furious way...

The other day at work, which by the way was the usual Tuesday that I would not really remember in a week, something odd happened. This woman who looked to be about 60 years in age came into the store with a girl who was visually impaired. Now the woman was white and the girl was black, so I figured the child was a student of the woman. The woman had a professional dress about her plus she had some sort of ID tag around her neck that I never got close enough to peek at.

The woman asked about a CD I had playing in the store's in house player which was DJ SPOOKY's newest release:

some of the hottest dub and overall a great compilation of dub hits I have seen in a while! Leave it to That Subliminal Kid to deliver. Now this is nothing odd, because I have developed a recent knack for playing really extreme genres of music in-store and have customers who appear to not be someone interested in music of that genre end up buying the CD. For instance, a grey haired old woman buying a Drum and Bass compilation CD. It is possible to predict but is very hard to imagine grandma digging a little Speedy J with her afternoon Earl Grey.

Then the woman asks if we can help her child find a certain CD, hold the DJ Spooky joint and that she would be back shortly. Back shortly? You mean to tell me you are going to run off and do errands and leave this girl here in the store. Say it ain't so! Well, that's exactly what she did. So Chowday and I have a quick conference and we are in agreement. The old woman is fucked in the head!

Now I'm not sure of the whole situation as far as the relationship between the woman and the visually impaired girl but would it ever occcur to any of you to go ahead and leave your child in a store while you went off to finish up errands. I don't care if you are trying to buy a surprise gift for your child, you can make better arrangements than this! What if something were to happen? I'm not saying a child with decent vision would be any better off technically but having a visual impairement can only make things even more complicated as far as I can imagine. I think people in general need to get their heads out of their asses and take a moment to THINK about what you're going to do before you actually do it.

On a side note, the woman came back to pick up her child. Her child never left the store and was completely fine for the 45 minutes or so the woman was gone.

But it's the priciple of the matter, would you agree?


Saturday, June 17, 2006


As I watched the match unfold in front of my eyes all I could say was, "Holy Shit!" Ghana with their first win against a European Football Team since 1964 has forced a three-way tie for the top spot in Group E. This opens things up for USA if we can get our shit together a get a win against Italy this afternoon.

Those like myself who watched USA's first match against Czech Republic were greated by the "ugly head" of yet another USA National team overhyped and geared for disappointment in World Cup 2006. But if the team can take this opportunity and collect themselves and play their asses off they just might make things very interesting in Group E. The good thing about today's match-up between USA and Italy is that neither team can advance with a win OR be eliminated by a loss. This eleviates pressure on both sides but there is goal differentials to be concerned with.

Anyway, I'm rambling on now cause I can hardly wait for the match to begin. Good thing I live on the ground floor otherwise this match might make me jump out the window! LOL


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Who said sharing needles was bad?

Click here to see all the fun you've been missing!

On a more serious note, yesterday was 6/6/06 and guess what? The world did not end! The world is too smart for that. And by the world I am talking about planet "Earth" and not human society. Human society collectively is a naive institution which cannot see further than five minutes in front of their faces. Of course exceptions exist as there are peops I have met in my life that I would consider to be on top of things. My uncle always said that ninety percent of the people in the world are assholes and that you should feel lucky to have known a few of the other ten percent before you take the eternal dirt nap. I feel I am on the right track, yeppers!

One thing about yesterday that was pretty frightening was that I had to spend almost the entire day in traffic court over a ticket I received. Again, not being from around these parts I am learning new shit all the time. But back home, if an officer gave you a ticket, all of the information on said ticket would be accurate. Well, at least this is a theory. Turns out that the copy of the ticket I originally received differed greatly from the version that the officer eventually turned in. After having the City DA show me the modified ticket (clearly edited with a different colored pen and line-throughs) it was clearly quite different than the one I had received. In short, apparently the interesection at which I was pulled over amazingly changed to a different one. So needless to say, this matter will be going to trial, meaning more aggrevation and time spent downtown (and we're not talking the bars, obviously). Let's hope they don't decide to switch up a few charges and try to throw me in jail or something. LOL Not likely but it would still make for an interesting story to write home about...

Another thing that made 6/6/06 seem a bit creepy was the fact that I was contacted. Not by the anti-christ, but close to it: My ex! A not-so-long story I will have to put off diving into because I am feeling too chipper and feelings of disgust and outrage tend to affect the way I mix. I want to get some practice time in before my property manager can technically call the fuzz on me for disturbing the peace. To me the peace refers merely to the residents upstairs who sound like they have been moving furniture every other night since they arrived (we're talking two months ago).

Perhaps, I'm focusing on the wrong peace/piece. Maybe instead of peace I should be focusing on piece a la piece of ass, piece of cake, piece of vinyl. VINYL, yes! Dave you is a smart mofo! Off to mix...


Sunday, June 04, 2006

It's prolly a bad idea...

...to give two drunk people black mega-Sharpies...

...because a Sharpie fight will surely breakout...

...the victor of which will deem it necessary to mark his or her territory, regardless of whether its your private property...

...not to worry, once the Sharpies are put down, many a brew are consumed...

...just some after-hours at Donners!


Recovery is now complete.

Before I continue with this post I feel the need to address something that has been bugging me lately. As all of you know, when I started Walking Wounded it was more a labor of love than a necessary daily or weekly chore. I jumped into the world of blogging "head first" and became quickly engrossed in all the avenues therein. Peeking into the lives of others while at the same time people were peeking into my life was a totally awesome thing because I found I had more in common with people in general than I thought I did. But I see lately, the give and take has not been the same.

I find that more often than not I have little or no energy to Blog anymore. Is my life getting dull? Far from it, really. I do find that I am susceptable to other distractions and one of them is MySpace.com. Since openning a MySpace page I have found that everyone in my city has one. So its not like I don't have reason to check my Myspace page more often than Walking Wounded, simply due to the fact that it provides more information about local events in my city. But one thing that Myspace cannot provide is the proper venue to share my deeper thoughts, realizations, observations and other more intimate discourse. That I tend to save for right here, feeling that is people want to they can head here to see what might be bugging me or what I'm currently into as far as politics, economics and the environment. When I have news on a cool local event, its Myspace I head to. When its something deeper or something I feel like sharing with my readers here then I post here.

So why is it I am not posting as much as I usually do. I have a feeling I have not been as dilligent recording some of the funny, freaky, retarded, thought provoking shit that has been occuring lately. That needs to change due to the fact that a lot has been happening that I would deem proper to share, but I have not been sharing. Basically, I'm not keeping up with my end of the deal! I'm a big ol' slacker, ain't I? *wink*

However, since I have recovered from my Birthday/Memorial Day Weekend with my visitors from Long Island, I'd like to catch up on some thigns that happened. And lots of cool shit took place.

First and foremost, the party I threw at Bricktop was a raving success! Yes, I went a little bit over budget but all in all it was a successful night in which we were able to bring Josh The Funky 1 to the city of Lincoln, NE. He played great music and his turntable skills are really tight as hell. He is a decent blend of club DJ and turntablist. I suggest anyone whose into funky house (even if you don't know what funky house is) to get his CD. It's that good!

One thing I wish I had was more pictures but obviously I was partying as though I just turned 31! LOL You can go here to see some pictures of the night. Sadly, I am not in a single one but that's probably due to the fact that I was floating all night making sure VIPs got their drinks and that all those on my guest list got in with no hang-ups. The night was super cool thanks in part to Bricktop and my boys from back home who stepped up to make sure things ran smoothly!

And of course, I have to add these random, candid moments to the official record of what's been going on lately because they have been the craziest shit. First, I'll start with my crew from NY.

You see the first night they stayed at my crib and let's just say things were pretty "tight" with four alpha-males being cramped into my apartment. Now my apartment is not small by any stretch of the imagination BUT it seemed to shrink once everyone got settled in on the first night around 4:30am. The next morning I took some paparazzi-style shots of them checking their eyelids for holes!

For shits and giggles I should have pitched a tent in the living room and told them that's where they'd be sleeping and see their reaction. One good thing was that the two of my crew ended up getting rooms at the Cornhusker Hotel which helped eleviate the crampness once Monkey made his flight into Omaha. Four in my crib was tight but FIVE would have been chaos. Kudos to Method and Merzy all the way!