Thursday, February 17, 2005

Exfoliating with Shellac!

Neutrogena has nothing on me! As those of you know, I have been completing a series of little touch-ups around the house in final preparation for its sale. Some of the paint in a few rooms has been there since I was a wee tot. So I made up my mind that I would spruce things up a bit.

After loading up on some more supplies like paint, sand papers, etc. I jumped into work. I have a few spots where the color has been 'off' from years of sunlight and moisture exposure so I figured I would apply some shellac to seal the areas up and then hit 'em with a fresh coat of paint. I began to shellac and I started to notice that I had some drippings on my index and middle fingers of my right hand. Shellac takes like an hour to dry so I wanted to clean up and get some lunch in the interum.

I had some witch hazel in the house so I figured it would be good at breaking down the shellac before I use the soap. After scrubbing a bit with the witch hazel and began to notice my two fingers looked like they were exfoliated with a laser, similar to the scientists in the Andromeda Strain.

On a side note, I wish they made cameras more left-handed friendly. I'm ambidexturous so it really doesn't matter either way but today especially I would have liked my camera to be neutral handed. At least so I would have had a better time snapping these shots. I have short stubby fingers to begin with plus many of the buttons on the Nikon Coolpix 5000+ series cameras are near microsccopic. So it made for some comical moments until I was able to at least mechanically get the shots off. I apologize for their quality as I was unable to coordinate any better :) . Oh yeah, my toes are stubby as well as you can see in the second shot. Paint 'em green and they look just like the Hulk's...

One cool thing is that I am unable to make a smudge on glass nor can I produce a finger print with either of these fingers. The shellac removed all the natural oil plus a very, very thin layer of dead skin. My fingers feel really great - supersensitive to the touch. I'm not saying I would do this on both my hands as a cosmetic measure but at least this would have been a much less painful option for someone like Kevin Spacey in the movie SE7EN to remove the trace of his finger prints.

Anywho, the moral of this story is to make sure you actually wear the vinyl gloves you made the point of purchasing for this project in the first place! :)