Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More and more I believe what my late Pop used to say...

"Money truly is the root of all evil."

I could not help but notice this article in USA Today. Obviously, I'm glad this has NOTHING to do whatsoever with a terrorist attack. But I'm still shaken by the fact that this could have happened over the potential surrender of a Brownstone worth some $5 million as conditioned in a divorce settlement. Investigations have not concluded, so new information could develop.

But still, in light of the fact that neither party would have acquired the Brownstone outright (the cash value at time of sale would be split amongst the divorcees), I have to ask the following question. Would blowing up the building really be worth the risk of lives lost of people who were not even involved in the divorce???

Don't get me wrong, I would not want something (home, vehicle, etc.) to be awarded outright to my ex-wife simply because she was divorcing me. In the heat of the moment it might dawn on me to sabotage an asset lost in a settlement. I would be able to palette a lot easier splitting assets in such a way that is fair, even if it did involve their outright sale. Better still, I would most likely want my children to have certain assets for themselves to do so as they wish.

Still it makes me scratch my head. Hopefully, the investigations ongoing will show some conclusion other than the divorce and money. Even if it turns out to be an accident resulting from a gas leak, its still tragic and nerve-racking for citizens of NYC!