Friday, February 18, 2005

Gmail finally comes through!

I can't even remember when I signed up for the invitation. Must have been back in September 2004. Finally, though, I have my Gmail account. Now what? Well, this will help when I move so I am not out of contact for too long while I'm switching ISPs. I see there are some features that I am yet familiar with so I have to learn a few new tricks I guess. Been getting a lot of practice at this in recent months.

I finally got around to upgrading my wireless network here at the house. I find the coverage within the house is a lot better. I still haven't made it all the way outside yet, but it is still a bit chilly to be sitting outside surfing the web after dinner. In addition, I set up security because I have noticed neighbors saying they have gone wireless. While the chances are slim they would be interested in hacking my network, I thought it was a good idea anyway. The teens around here are more tech-savvy and could engage in a bit of network sabotage just for shits and giggles. Maybe not. But still I feel better about it.

This afternoon I get to baby sit Colin, my next door neighbors' three year old son, while they pick up their new Chryslor Town and Country. I enjoy Colin. I think he is a pisser. His vocabulary is advanced when it comes to four letter words, but at least he says them in the proper context. For instance, if he spills a bunch of his blocks on the floor he'll shout "shit" and then look at you with his hand over his mouth, shocked. I try not to laugh in front of him when he does this because that would only encourage him. But when he is not in ear shot Audra, John and I always have a laugh about it. I want to try to get him to say 'son-of-a-bitch' because in his little people voice it sounds simply histerical! We'll see. I'll have my cell phone handy in case he falls down, trips over something or just gets pissed at the DVD playing. Ah, the things that can entertain you when you are lonely? Amazing...