Thursday, March 30, 2006

More like a blurb than an actual post...

Although many are wondering what my problem is that my frequency of posting (and reading my favorite blogs for that matter) has been so piss poor recently. The only thing I can say is that my life has been pretty "full" in recent months. I am, in fact feeling a bit physically girthy as well which means that my social life has been replacing my training life which in turn has dampened my relaxation life. Blogging and surfing the web (in other words reading) was how I used to spend my "down time" when I was physically exhausted but more than intellectually awake. More like intellectually charged, but who am I to say anything I do on my down time is intellectual. Seems pretty hi-brow to me and I hate fuckers like that. Let's just say life used to fit into this nice and neat equilibrium:

Work <=> Play <=> Train <=> Active Relaxation <=> Sleep

Now back to the "full" life...

In recent months, the equilibrium has been more or less a reduction to the bare necessities in order to drive my truck to and from Homer's, keep my apartment neat and tidy and party like it is no one else's business:

Work <=> Play (at Bricktop, after hours, between the sheets) <=> TV (enough to keep up with TiVo and numb the brain for sleep) <=> Sleep

Obviously, the latter equation is not the most efficient one. And that my friends needs to change BIG TIME! I find I have been missing certain things, not just reading blogs and writing this one, but other little side projects that always seemed to keep me close by the old laptop. To get those random thoughts, complaints, discoveries and the holy shit did you hear this-es out on the fly was what made my blog kinda cool to dive into. I still find my blog cool and I imagine what things could have gone into it over the past months, but to be honest my exhaustion would not have done any of them literary justice. More motivation to get rested and back to a schedule that allows me time to actually RELAX and blog.

Yep, it's what this body needs! That and a raven-haired shag about 5'6" whose blood type is something other than J2 and a head filled with something other than chyne smoke. Alas, no worries. I'll figure out that equation as I go along since that going has been so, so good for me! Gotta love this city...


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Yet another reason why I didn't do it.

The past weekend proved to be a bit of an endurance run for myself as there were thrills, chills and spills and all acts of lunacy in between. Saturday night into Sunday morning had me feeling really tight, achy, hungover, etc. So I chose to spend the day resting on the couch and in bed and making sure I maintained proper fluid intake throughout. Having caught up a bit on domestic duties I figured, "what the fuck" since it had been a long time since I had one of those days to just veg out.

The Oscars had been a topic for discussion earlier in the week for various reasons. Who was going to win what award and would Jon Stewart be a good host were all things up for grabs as we approached the awards show. I try not to read too much into what a lot of media heads predict will happen because ultimately most of these people make me ill.

This year in particular, with the amount of time I spent focusing on OTHER things life presented, I found myself less interested Hollywood films and in the awards show. But with that said, of course I would still react to circumstances which I feel are plain wrong. One of these instances is the award that went to Three 6 Mafia. But don't get me wrong, it's not (entirely) because I can't stand rap. It's more because of the quality work that has been put forth in the past decade that leaves me scratchin' my head and wondering, "why the fuck haven't they thought of this category before???"

You see, being from New York I absolutely adore Hip-hop, the DJ, emcees and groups that use these ingredients to the fullest. Most modern day rap you hear on radio stations and see videos for on MTV are just rap that amounts to crap. Or like the RZA's definition of R&B = Rap and Bullshit!

So speaking of the RZA, here is a hip-hop artist who by leaps and bounds ahead of Three 6 Mafia deserves recognition for his work for movie soundtracks and scores. No, I'm not afraid to say it loud and proud. And if you do not believe me watch Kill Bill Volumes I and II as well as Ghostdog: The Way of the Samursai. Awesome flicks with some awesome writing and awesome musical content!