Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thank heavens for small victories!

Today could best be summed up by weaving a sweater out of a mass of wild yarn.

I woke this morning knowing that I would have a lot on my plate; running around as well as little fix-it projects to get done so that I don't go completely insane. If you're like me then you'll realize that procrastination is one thing but once too many things start to build up you can feel Mr. Hyde rearing his ugly head! One thing that got me pissed off the night before happened just before I left my apartment for downtown. I go to hit the tab on my throne to flush and SNAP, then nothing. No flush. No rattling. Nada. "Shit," I say to myself as I lift off the porcelain lid to see what the fuck happened. My instincts were correct: the chain broke connecting the flapper to the lever. This is no big deal, just cut of the bad link in the chain and reattach the chain to the flapper and the lever and Voila - just like nothing ever happened. Well, upon closer inspection the chain wasn't a chain at all but a plastic/rubberized strip that looked something like a zip tie. So the thing snapped in half and there was no way to simply reattach it. What a piece of shit! So I ended up calling my property manager's office to send someone to fix it. The dude showed up quick enough and the problem was solved but in the mean time I had two BMs.