Monday, January 30, 2006

A Movie Game!

I love games and I absolutely adore movies so obviously this would appeal to my mind and the sick way it works.

Basically, it is like a "fill in the blank" game where you add to a list of actors and movies. There is a certain format to follow which will make it a bit more challenging. It will be cool to see how far this list will go, however I think it will be slow going.

I will start off by filling in the first five slots with actors and movies so that you can get the idea of what the format will be. So let's get started then!

The Movie Game

1. Max Von Sydow starred in Dreamscape with Dennis Quaid who was in... (walking wounded)

2. The Big Easy with Ellen Barkin who was in... (walking wounded)

3. Johnny Handsome with Mickey Rourke who was in... (walking wounded)

4. Sin City with Clive Owen who was in... (walking wounded)

5. Closer with Jude Law who was in... (walking wounded)


Hope this list will grow but that is only controlled by participants. So step up and contribute your entry by leaving a comment. If you have to use the web for proper spelling and if you are really stumped don't worry go ahead. But really for more hardcore film fanatics this will be in essence cheating.



So a week (plus a few days) has flown right on by! Have I been too lazy lately hence no blogging? Or perhaps life is really boring and I can't bare to type out the boring details for fear other innocent readers will be sucked in to the boring void? No and, a-hem, NO!

Seriously, I have been quite busy settling into a rather regimented routine of work, weights and going out. One thing that makes night life doable for Lincoln is the fact that everything is closed by 1am. If I leave Bricktop by 1am I am literally sitting in my apartment at 1:20am, and showered and in bed by 2am tops. So I find that going out more often during the week has not affected my ability to juggle work and weights. Although, after hours DO kill me somewhat as the next morning I feel like a zombie.

One of the things I have observed since going out so much is that I tend not to blow through my Netflix DVDs so quickly. I used to be able to watch at least 20 DVDs a month with me five-disc plan. Right now I have four discs waiting to be watched with a new one on the way. Maybe I should look into cutting my membership down to the three-disc plan. Sounds like a smart thing to do let's just hope I remember to go to the site to change my account after I finish typing this!

On the music front, I have been catching some great local music acts and DJs down at Bricktop and another venue called Chatterbox. Chatterbox is different than Bricktop in that they allow 18 to enter and 21 to drink. At Bricktop you must be 21 to enter. So younger kids tend to flock to Chatterbox which is good for them but bad for myself since I am into a slightly older crowd. But the music has been really good at both places so I don't mind switching my Thursday nights up every other week.

For any fans of Underworld, you won't want to miss this! Underworld is releasing their first material in two years for download via their own website at Both new tracks are like 25-30 minutes long and are massive. Definitely check them out. A third is due to be released on their website in late February according to MixMag. I can't believe its been two already since 100 Days Off came out?! Like I said before time flies when lots is happening.

I just don't hope there's another bitter cold spell in store for this area during February. The one previous during November really made everything slow down to a crawl. ;)


Monday, January 16, 2006

Gary Fisher PHD

During my brief holiday hiatus my new rig came in and I am pretty excited about it. The PHD is mostly designed for dirt jumping but my main use will be aggressive street riding around town. The bike feels weighty and totally bomb proof and it will surely absorb the abuse that my riding style and body type will dish out. I took it out for an initial test run to try and get used to the steering and the balance of the bike. This will take a few more weeks before I am ready to start launching off drops and down stairs at speed.

The long top tube length and low stand over height are really cool and give me a lot of room in the cockpit. The Rockshox PIKE fork sports U-Turn where I can simply dial in anywhere from 90mm to 120mm of travel.

As far as the initial feel of the bike it resembles something similar to a BMX ride. I may have to swap out the seatpost for a set-back kind so I can have slightly more weight over the rear wheel. To stretch out a bit would be cool as well as having additional clearance when landing.

Both rear dropouts are replaceable and the front wheel has a 20mm thru axle - the bike is definitely solid. I like how the chainstay opposite the deraileur has a stainless steel bashguard. No sense making the frame come in direct contact of anything.

I swapped these meats in for the stock tires. They are Maxxis Hookworms and I like them because there is no sidewall to these tires. The contact surface nearly covers the entire exposed tire (what is not covered by the rim). Taking a few turns sharper than normal made me realize these tires are gonna be sick on street.

Now if only the weather would warm up a bit so I can get some riding time it! :)


Saturday, January 14, 2006

DJ Mattman and Crucial

DJ Mattman and Crucial recently spun at Bricktop and yet again ripped it up! Click the title above to get a bird's eye view of the duo in action!


Thursday, January 12, 2006

What Crazy Shit!

So one of the obvious benefits of working at a record store is I get to fix my sweet tooth for ear candy quite often and with stuff I can always preview at the shop before I take it home. Usually, my "taking a chance" purchases end up working out one way or another. But to be able to know whether or not a release is worth buying vs. getting the single track somewhere else is truly helpful.

So today I was at the store and found a release by the BOOM BOOM SATELLITES on the Different Music label. Of course, being the Boom Boom Satellites I wanted the release regardless of an in-store listen but I figured what the hell. Pop the CD into the player and it will not play. Hmm? Prolly nothing serious. I'll just take it home and give it a listen there.

So I get home and immediately pop the CD in my computer deck as I needed to do some work on that music project as well as other chores (shite). The CD will not play. Now I'm wondering what the hell is going on plus my neck is getting warm! So I open the CD and find it to be a CD full of DAT files and a txt file. So I open the txt file and see that there is a phone number for Sterling Records in Manhattan. So I give them a call because I figured I could send in this CD and get the actual album to correct the mistake. After talking to the chick on the other end she said to contact the record label in Britian. Well that bites but at least they have a website so I can email them en lieu of getting them on the horn.

So hopefully this will work itself out and I will be able to get the actual album becasue this group is SLAMMING!!! If anyone can still find it (try checking out GEMM, great source for hard to find or out of print music in many formats) you have to listen to the Boom Boom Satellites remix of Garbage's "Push It." Those who know and love the original will absolutely be BLOWN AWAY by the Boom Boom Satellites version.

...Everybody get up, come on get down with the sickness! ;)


Monday, January 09, 2006

Aw yeah, baby!

Back once again is the renegade master
b-boy challenger with the ill behavior...

Yes, indeedy kids I'm back from my brief hiatus from the blogosphere. I didn't go too far but to some I'm out in the MIDDLE of nowhere, true. Although I don't quite see it that way. I enjoyed the holidays to the fullest as well as had some weird things happen to me during the past couple of weeks. But much more on that stuff in the up coming days. Hope your eyes are up for it since there will be some rapid fire additions to Walking Wounded to come. So enjoy. I also wanted to quickly say "hi" to all who have been around my little space a while and to let those who follow this walk of mine know that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, yet.

Recently, I was given a fun task for work and figured I would share it with all of you since it is related to the whole "year in review" theme. Most definitely this theme will creep into much of what I discuss in the upcoming days like a slime mold, making surprising ground without leaving much of a footprint in its wake. Honestly, 2005 was a much better year than 2004, not just personally, but especially musically me thinks. (Deep followers will know exactly why 2004 took the flying fuck it did - and it wasn't the music!)

So here is my TOP TEN RECORD RELEASES of 2005 (in no particular order except the #1 slot):

1 - "Playing The Angel" by Depeche Mode
2 - "Push The Button" by The Chemical Brothers
3 - "Demon Days" by Gorillaz
4 - "Mesmerizing The Ultra" by Bassnectar
5 - "Grandmasters" by GZA vs DJ Muggs
6 - "Mezmerize" by System Of A Down
7 - "Osiris: The Official Mixtape" by Ol' Dirty Bastard (RIP)
8 - "Distort Yourself" by Institute
9 - "We Are Monster" by Isolee
10 - "Joyful Rebellion" by K-Os

My list could have easily incorporated 15-20 slots but ten was all that was allowed. These releases I have been recommending to all my customers and reflect broadest palette as well as most innovative. You'll notice the lack of "pop" on this list because pop is basically designed to be such and doesn't necessarily get there on its own merits (more often than not, the lack there of).

This list leaves my mouth watering for more to come in 2006 which is always buzzing as being an epic year! Woohah, got y'all in check...