Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So far so good!

But still I like to keep my fingers crossed...

Bricktop's 4th Annual DJ Spin-Off 2006 went off without a hitch, well at least without a MAJOR hitch! It turns out that I am still ironing out the wrinkles working with my newest toy, a high definition camcorder from Sony. As with all Sony equipment they rely on proprietary peripherals and accessories. This fact had slipped my mind when the Geek Squad over at Best Buy sold me the unit and included all of their name brand firewires and batteries. None of them worked with the camera at all and now I was forced to order the firewire cable from Sony which will take about a week to arrive!

Is this a major big deal? No. Because I can still record with the unit and take simultganeous still images. These images are downloadable via USB 2.0 so no problems there. Just have to wait to get the video on my PC for editing. That's the one thorn in my side for me. Because this means my video coverage of this year's DJ Spin-Off will have to wait until at least the second round. Blah! But it's better then nothing.

For those who are interested in brackets you can take a look here to see the current standings as well as take a peek at what Google Spreadsheets looks like. (Bracket was created with Google Spreadsheets. Head on over to Google Labs to learn more.)