Wednesday, February 09, 2005

An Apprentice For Martha Stewart?

I hate falling asleep right after dinner because I always wake up really late (or early depending on how you look at it) with TV blaring and I can never get back to sleep. So, in the wee hours of the morning I usually find myself surfing the web catching up on reading I should have gotten done during the day. I like Googling for news stories that appeal to me when I watch the news mornings during breakfast.

One story that caught my attention but not my immediate interest was the auditions for an Apprentice-like show centered around notorious inside trader Martha Stewart. Can the networks and producers really be serious? Although I do not watch The Apprentice with Donald Trump network shows always annoy me), I can imagine how the formula works for viewers. Donald's business savvy and his reputation are not in question at all. Obviously, many admire the man and all he has accomplished. So for the opportunity to prove themselves to the Zen Master of real estate development participants will jump through the hoops necessary to produce drama and attract lots of viewers every week.

Now for Martha, a Zen Master in her own right (I'll admit some of her ideas I of all bloke have fancied), there exists a similar devoted admiration among those involved in her industry. But can a show based on The Apprentice theme really translate to Martha Stewart's style. I mean I'm sure this broad can yeild a set of "brass balls" when she needs to because she would be as successful as she is without doing so. I just don't see a similar edge to Martha's show. My gut instinct tells me the show would take on a rather whimsical, soft nature with the occassional drama similar to Bravo's Project Runway. By the way, I watched three episodes of Project Runway in a row during the month of December. Reality shows are starting to rely too much off the fat of the land and the "fat" is getting scarce. Unique ideas are one thing but not everything deserves a spin as a reality show. Soon I think we will all see a thinning of the herd of reality shows which cannot come at a moment too soon...

This news article caught my attention in particular because of the obvious fanaticism for both Trump and Martha by the author. I mean really, Derrik, must you refer to Trump as "Him" and Martha as "Her" en lieu of just "him" and "her." I have a decent grasp on grammar having written a thesis, but I am not sure on every little nuance. But the only time I have seen this done is in the Bible whenever a verse references God. Now, I am familiar with the notion that people think of Trump and Marths as gods but really. I think this whole thing is a bit out of control. In any event, besides what I mentioned the article was interesting in shedding some light on the direction Martha might be heading.