Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Who said sharing needles was bad?

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On a more serious note, yesterday was 6/6/06 and guess what? The world did not end! The world is too smart for that. And by the world I am talking about planet "Earth" and not human society. Human society collectively is a naive institution which cannot see further than five minutes in front of their faces. Of course exceptions exist as there are peops I have met in my life that I would consider to be on top of things. My uncle always said that ninety percent of the people in the world are assholes and that you should feel lucky to have known a few of the other ten percent before you take the eternal dirt nap. I feel I am on the right track, yeppers!

One thing about yesterday that was pretty frightening was that I had to spend almost the entire day in traffic court over a ticket I received. Again, not being from around these parts I am learning new shit all the time. But back home, if an officer gave you a ticket, all of the information on said ticket would be accurate. Well, at least this is a theory. Turns out that the copy of the ticket I originally received differed greatly from the version that the officer eventually turned in. After having the City DA show me the modified ticket (clearly edited with a different colored pen and line-throughs) it was clearly quite different than the one I had received. In short, apparently the interesection at which I was pulled over amazingly changed to a different one. So needless to say, this matter will be going to trial, meaning more aggrevation and time spent downtown (and we're not talking the bars, obviously). Let's hope they don't decide to switch up a few charges and try to throw me in jail or something. LOL Not likely but it would still make for an interesting story to write home about...

Another thing that made 6/6/06 seem a bit creepy was the fact that I was contacted. Not by the anti-christ, but close to it: My ex! A not-so-long story I will have to put off diving into because I am feeling too chipper and feelings of disgust and outrage tend to affect the way I mix. I want to get some practice time in before my property manager can technically call the fuzz on me for disturbing the peace. To me the peace refers merely to the residents upstairs who sound like they have been moving furniture every other night since they arrived (we're talking two months ago).

Perhaps, I'm focusing on the wrong peace/piece. Maybe instead of peace I should be focusing on piece a la piece of ass, piece of cake, piece of vinyl. VINYL, yes! Dave you is a smart mofo! Off to mix...