Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New annoyances...

Let me just go ahead and lay this one out first in a fast and furious way...

The other day at work, which by the way was the usual Tuesday that I would not really remember in a week, something odd happened. This woman who looked to be about 60 years in age came into the store with a girl who was visually impaired. Now the woman was white and the girl was black, so I figured the child was a student of the woman. The woman had a professional dress about her plus she had some sort of ID tag around her neck that I never got close enough to peek at.

The woman asked about a CD I had playing in the store's in house player which was DJ SPOOKY's newest release:

some of the hottest dub and overall a great compilation of dub hits I have seen in a while! Leave it to That Subliminal Kid to deliver. Now this is nothing odd, because I have developed a recent knack for playing really extreme genres of music in-store and have customers who appear to not be someone interested in music of that genre end up buying the CD. For instance, a grey haired old woman buying a Drum and Bass compilation CD. It is possible to predict but is very hard to imagine grandma digging a little Speedy J with her afternoon Earl Grey.

Then the woman asks if we can help her child find a certain CD, hold the DJ Spooky joint and that she would be back shortly. Back shortly? You mean to tell me you are going to run off and do errands and leave this girl here in the store. Say it ain't so! Well, that's exactly what she did. So Chowday and I have a quick conference and we are in agreement. The old woman is fucked in the head!

Now I'm not sure of the whole situation as far as the relationship between the woman and the visually impaired girl but would it ever occcur to any of you to go ahead and leave your child in a store while you went off to finish up errands. I don't care if you are trying to buy a surprise gift for your child, you can make better arrangements than this! What if something were to happen? I'm not saying a child with decent vision would be any better off technically but having a visual impairement can only make things even more complicated as far as I can imagine. I think people in general need to get their heads out of their asses and take a moment to THINK about what you're going to do before you actually do it.

On a side note, the woman came back to pick up her child. Her child never left the store and was completely fine for the 45 minutes or so the woman was gone.

But it's the priciple of the matter, would you agree?