Thursday, January 12, 2006

What Crazy Shit!

So one of the obvious benefits of working at a record store is I get to fix my sweet tooth for ear candy quite often and with stuff I can always preview at the shop before I take it home. Usually, my "taking a chance" purchases end up working out one way or another. But to be able to know whether or not a release is worth buying vs. getting the single track somewhere else is truly helpful.

So today I was at the store and found a release by the BOOM BOOM SATELLITES on the Different Music label. Of course, being the Boom Boom Satellites I wanted the release regardless of an in-store listen but I figured what the hell. Pop the CD into the player and it will not play. Hmm? Prolly nothing serious. I'll just take it home and give it a listen there.

So I get home and immediately pop the CD in my computer deck as I needed to do some work on that music project as well as other chores (shite). The CD will not play. Now I'm wondering what the hell is going on plus my neck is getting warm! So I open the CD and find it to be a CD full of DAT files and a txt file. So I open the txt file and see that there is a phone number for Sterling Records in Manhattan. So I give them a call because I figured I could send in this CD and get the actual album to correct the mistake. After talking to the chick on the other end she said to contact the record label in Britian. Well that bites but at least they have a website so I can email them en lieu of getting them on the horn.

So hopefully this will work itself out and I will be able to get the actual album becasue this group is SLAMMING!!! If anyone can still find it (try checking out GEMM, great source for hard to find or out of print music in many formats) you have to listen to the Boom Boom Satellites remix of Garbage's "Push It." Those who know and love the original will absolutely be BLOWN AWAY by the Boom Boom Satellites version.

...Everybody get up, come on get down with the sickness! ;)