Monday, January 30, 2006


So a week (plus a few days) has flown right on by! Have I been too lazy lately hence no blogging? Or perhaps life is really boring and I can't bare to type out the boring details for fear other innocent readers will be sucked in to the boring void? No and, a-hem, NO!

Seriously, I have been quite busy settling into a rather regimented routine of work, weights and going out. One thing that makes night life doable for Lincoln is the fact that everything is closed by 1am. If I leave Bricktop by 1am I am literally sitting in my apartment at 1:20am, and showered and in bed by 2am tops. So I find that going out more often during the week has not affected my ability to juggle work and weights. Although, after hours DO kill me somewhat as the next morning I feel like a zombie.

One of the things I have observed since going out so much is that I tend not to blow through my Netflix DVDs so quickly. I used to be able to watch at least 20 DVDs a month with me five-disc plan. Right now I have four discs waiting to be watched with a new one on the way. Maybe I should look into cutting my membership down to the three-disc plan. Sounds like a smart thing to do let's just hope I remember to go to the site to change my account after I finish typing this!

On the music front, I have been catching some great local music acts and DJs down at Bricktop and another venue called Chatterbox. Chatterbox is different than Bricktop in that they allow 18 to enter and 21 to drink. At Bricktop you must be 21 to enter. So younger kids tend to flock to Chatterbox which is good for them but bad for myself since I am into a slightly older crowd. But the music has been really good at both places so I don't mind switching my Thursday nights up every other week.

For any fans of Underworld, you won't want to miss this! Underworld is releasing their first material in two years for download via their own website at Both new tracks are like 25-30 minutes long and are massive. Definitely check them out. A third is due to be released on their website in late February according to MixMag. I can't believe its been two already since 100 Days Off came out?! Like I said before time flies when lots is happening.

I just don't hope there's another bitter cold spell in store for this area during February. The one previous during November really made everything slow down to a crawl. ;)