Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Strong Island wants you to see this Jetpak!


strong_island_dave wants you to see a Jetpak titled:

Fuel Cell Technologies

This is a new venture using the Jeteye utility. Jeteye allows you to basically collect snippets here and there on the web related to a common theme or subject and creat a "jetpack" with the information bundled and ready to be distributed to other members of your contact group. I think this utility has a lot of potential due to the fact that it functions much like a clipboard, but also has the ability to keep track of where (what source) content was obtained. That's pretty cool for research! Wish this existed back when I was in Grad school working on my thesis.

Jeteye is a new way to use and share the web.

Jetpak - a collection of web links, notes, videos or images assembled by anyone about anything. Jetpaks are the ultimate container of your web activity.

Get Jeteye to drag and drop any web content into a Jetpak. It's that simple.

Jeteye Technologies, Inc. • 244 Jackson Street, Suite 200 • San Francisco, CA 94111-1826
Tel: +1 415 946 2112 • Fax: +1 415 834 9185 • www.jeteye.com
(c) 2006 - All rights reserved. Patents pending.


Now the above entry looked totally different in the preview window! But that's alright. Once the kinks are worked out, this will kick some major ass!