Monday, May 08, 2006

A week I will not soon forget!

Such was the theme of my past week. It all started from an out of the blue message I received over at my Myspace page from my ex-fiancee Melissa. Initially, I didn't know who it was through the way I received the contact. I wish the rest of the story was as light-hearted as it began.

I have my cell phone set up to receive message notifications from my Myspace account. This is convenient because the notifications are in the form of text messages which I can easily flip open my phone, read and then get back to what I was doing. The only thing that sucks a bit is that you get notified who sent you the message but not the subject of the message or any of the body contents. So when my phone did its jingle on Monday I looked down and saw that I received a message from "Sweet as Sin." Not recognizing who this was, I immediately dismissed it as a bird I must have met at Bricktop over the weekend.

When I got home I did my usual routine of showering, getting some dinner and starting to unwind before going out. So I hop in front of the computer and log in to Myspace to read my messages looking forward to seeing who "Sweet as Sin" was. Well, needless to say I was shocked to find out that "Sweet as Sin" was none other than my ex-fiancee. Now mind you we have not conversed for nearly six months and now out of the blue she was contacting me, sort of caused the old internal CPU to stutter.

Of course, the reason for her contact was nothing appealing in the least especially since it mentioned nothing about the money she owes me. But to be honest, in the last six months I had really considered it a lost cause and chocked it up to my own stupidity for helping her out after she left me. Possibly I was motivated by guilt (the belief of many of my close friends) or perhaps the airy notion that she would see my kindness as grounds for giving us another try (we were together six years) knowing that I did care for her. But since she went off and had her time in Hawaii in the fall of 2004 with a dude who basically went through her money, the shit she pulled at my buddy Mike's wedding January of 2005 and all of our sporatic phone conversations before I went to Africa, I abondoned those notions. I have no reason to feel guilty regarding anything in our past relationship because for the entire time we were together "I" loved her. One lesson I have learned through all the pain is to keep a close watch of things and read the signals. For six months before moving out of NY she was carrying on a life separate from mine, this is true. The fact that she was able to do it under my nose has been a source of reflection on my part.

So it was bad enough I received this unwanted contact and that it initially (and temporarily thank heaven) acted as lemon juice in a paper cut, but while I was at work I had a very unlikely visitor. Can you guess? My ex-fiancee's MOTHER walks in and, after some brief small talk, begins questioning me about this whole situation. WTF? I thought I had seen everything but this truly boggle both my mind and my buddy Tres who I was working with the morning she came in. Is my ex that unstable that she needs to send "mommy" in to take care of her dirty work? What was the idea behind such a move? I have a feeling more regarding this will be developing unfortunately. So I will of course have plenty to say, do and write about. Well, at least both the Mets and the Yankees are in first place. You can't have anything in life but having that is pretty damn sweet!