Monday, April 10, 2006

Tie up some loose ends, shall we?

During a busy week you tend to see many things. They collect in the mind a long with a bunch of thoughts pertaining but really don't add up to anything more than blurps. So this post I dedicate to a string of blurps I've collected.

We used to have a nice and inviting lobby at Homer's until this piece of shit was placed there. Homer's shares a common lobby space with a Big Apple Bagels shop next door. Apparently, the owner gave permission for the placement of the machine in the lobby.

But why the hell does it have to be on OUR side of the lobby. Homer's doesn't claim to be kiddie friendly (although we are friendly to everyone, well, most Homer's employees are) nor did we claim to be into coin-op machines. Just after we decided to cut some of the advertizing from the windows to add some more ambient sunlight into the store *BANG* we have the back of a machine to look at. What a fucking knob job, eh? It's not like anyone would go goo-goo-gah-gah over these plushables.

Speaking of more shit that just makes me scratch my head AND clench my colon, what is up with life-sized cardboard cut outs of celebs? Cool, let me stand next to this bitch and smile and act the fool like I'm actually chillin' out with the dumby. It just doesn't make sense to me. Even for a marketing display, I could figure out about a hundred better ideas than putting a life-sized cardboard cut out of let's say MY ASS to try and sell my shit.

This particular card board cut out was made a little bit more tolerable with some tough-n-cheek humor:

I've pretty much gotten used to having to look at this sight at least once a day when I'm at Homer's but still the thing creeps me out when I'm scanning for shoplifter punks and I get this staring back at me. If only I dug blondes and if only she didn't look so artificial! YES, I realize this is a cardboard cut out and therefore looks artificial. But if you missed my sarcasm then you may need to put down the quaaludes and pay attention because I was spreading the sarcasm like JIF.

This pretty much sums up how we feel about the mid-week hump, so I won't add anything to it.

And on a lighter note, every look at the ghost in the DJ! LOL