Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Take that, slacker!

Yes, I am man enough to admit when I am being a royal slacker. But, in a somewhat valid defense, I have only been a slacker with Walking Wounded and not other things in life in general. Sometimes life gets a bit dull and I feel as though I'm in a stage where nothing interesting is going on. To the contrary many interesting things have been going on but I have been either too busy or too damn tired when the time does come to blog. Oh well. I expect to hear flack about this but I can take it.

On a more interesting note Christmas is coming up real soon and while I had a bit of the ol' Christmas noose tightening around my neck last week, this week I have felt a bit more of the cheerful Christmas spirit enter my being. Although, I wish it could cure the common cold as I have been sick as a dog since Friday night.

Friday night was a big event at Bricktop. It was Ricochet's birthday party, so a bunch of awesome DJs within my Lincoln circle were on hand to help make it a night to remember. Boy was it. Usually on a given Friday or Saturday night BT features two DJs that split the hours between 9pm and 1am - basically two two-hour sets. Sometimes the two DJs will split it up an hour-on/hour-off as well. On a few ocassions it is one DJ for the entire four hours which can get a bit tedious especially if it is the run of the mill house DJ.

But for the birthday bash there were five DJs on hand to help keep the floor flowing with dancers. Chuckles as well as Mattman brought in great house sets. One of the things that appeals to my ear is when house becomes a bit more darker and the beat a bit more percussive. Chuckles is the master of the chilled out sound which set things off great for Mattman to turn the beats a bit more "grimey" as I like to call it. Also, Crucial made a guest spot and mixed two records one of them a remix of BT which is probably one of my favorite BT tracks. He dropped it quite nicely!

Ricochet also mixed some dirty breaks into the set which helped get things going for one of my favorites, DJ Blac. Blac spins jungle and DnB and doesn't bring the cheese either. It was just the thing to set me off on a wild rampage of dancing and drinking, which most likely caused me to catch this cold but it was worth it for the sake of the excellent music. At one point in the night, in order to avoid a chicks drink ending up all over the front of my sweater I leap backwards of the stage and landed squarely on my arse. Luckily, my glutes are touch and I was really "loose" from all of the pomegranate red bulls I was imbibing. Didn't hurt one bit not even the next day.

The only ill affects of the night was due in part to perspiring on the hot dance floor and then walking in the low-teens temps to get to my truck. One thing I did do was run home real quick in between after hours and took a shower and changed. The thought of spending another couple of hours mingling with birds being all moist underneath really didn't appeal to me. Once I left my apartment after the superman routine I felt very refreshed but started sneezing and didn't stop all night. When I woke up the next morning I was sick as a dog and couldn't breathe out of my nose. Bullocks!

But dems the breaks... ;)