Sunday, November 20, 2005

Saturday Night in the suburbs!

For the new readers who don’t know this already, I’m a huge fan of UFC, Bushido and KO fighting organizations. Anytime one of their pay-per-view events is on I almost never miss ‘em. So last night I had a great time watching UFC 56 where both Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre won their matches in clear fashion. This UFC had more blood and knockouts than last one that’s for sure!

On a side note, UFC 56 was sponsored by the new movie Aeon Flux. I checked out the website and was pleased to find Charlize Theron as the star, and btw not looking like some homicidal monster a la Monster. I still watch that movie and cringe when I see her. By all means she is a good actor and she did a good job in the film but my gawd was she hideous. I’m glad to see that she will be back to her ultimately shaggable self in Aeon Flux. That black form fitting outfit caught my attention immediately as well as the porcelain skin underneath. (Check out the photo gallery with the one shot of her in the prone position… yummy!) Besides, I’ve always been turned on by chicks that are beautiful yet tough. You know, someone who could totally grab me by my ears, throw me down, and shag my brains out! Don’t worry ladies I’m still holding interviews… ;)

So I get a call from big Bauer to hang out and do some drinking at this place called the Outpost or the “OP” as locals call it. I figured what the hell since Mattman had already gave the place some props. Bauer is good people. We played beer pong the other weekend and hit it off well, besides kicking other teams’ asses. I got to apologize to him again for knocking the heavy bag off the chain twice. I was beating myself up for not sinking those key shots. But we ended up winning anyway so no harm or foul. I really don’t like messing up other people’s things since I didn’t ask him if I could punch it first. Then I go and knock the thing off the damn chain. I was asking for trouble, but thanks to Raj and Mattman they fixed it with no damage. But punching that bag sure felt good to vent my frustration, although it took some skin off both my knuckles. (Oh well.)

Now the OP is definitely a trashy by Long Island standards at least. But in defense, it is your really local type place and has appeal for some of the rebels who want to still smoke in bars, since it is located outside the city of Lincoln. That said, by the time we got out of that place I had a half-assed headache from the contaminated air. Bauer, Rob and Ryan had competed in the keg bowl race earlier in the night and were seriously drunk. So they helped me catch up by springing for my beers the rest of the night. Apparently a keg bowl race is where a group of four guys has to drink 55 pints of beer between them in under an hour. The fastest team wins something other than a hangover but I forgot what the guys were telling me last night. I had a good time chilling out with those chaps and seeing what the scene is like outside of the city. The scene is a bit rougher around the edges but there are still hot chicks. I am kicking myself for not talking to the one shag who ordered a pitcher of brew next to me at the bar.

I look at her because she has very dark, very pretty eyes. Nice. As my gaze falls lower, I see she is wearing a very thin gold choker around her neck. Sweet. Gaze falling lower still, I see she has on a cute form-fitting suede blazer with a white button up blouse underneath. Cool. I like the look of a short cropped blazer on a chick when she wears a collared blouse. Paired with jeans it just looks too sharp, yo! Then I notice all of the buttons on her blouse are unbuttoned revealing very ample endowments. My place? In No Limit Hold 'Em terms I was all in, baby. This immediately caused my gaze to return to her face in an attempt to read her. Her eyes looking back at me was what I was greeted with. Hey now. She cracked a slight grin below steady eyes which I interpreted as meaning, “Yes, I have great tits. Yes, this outfit displays them well. No, don’t think of opening your mouth because I am not in the mood to hear another line.”

“Fine by me, babe” my eyes spoke back to her. So she paid for her pitcher and returned to her group of friends most of whom were guys anyway. I didn’t feel so bad.

The evening was rounded out by me following Bauer back to his place to have some Scotch and watch a DVD. It turns out that Bauer is into Schwarzenegger as much as I am. So he popped in a Conan DVD and we enjoyed some violence on the screen, Scotch and a few laughs talking about bars, chicks and working out. Once Bauer had passed out, I made my exit because Bauer’s roommates had come back from their night out, so at least they could keep an eye on him.