Monday, November 14, 2005

One of those days...

Mondays aren't normally on my shit list but today was just too annoying! Not anything too heavy mind you but just enough nonsense to make me feel like this guy:

Charlie not feeling very well...

Before passing out though, I needed to run serious errands.

First up, (I needed to do a bit of grocery shopping, anyway) was to head to another Hyvee location to see if they carry egg whites. Yes, I am still on a mission looking to find egg whites. NOT egg protein (albumen) powders, NOT whole eggs (they are everywhere), NOT Egg Beaters but egg whites. I forget the name of the actual brand I used to buy back home but not only was it convenient to have just whites in a resealable container but measuring out how much to prepare was also easy peezy lemon squeezy! Plus, I hate cracking a whole egg, straining out the whites and throwing away the yolk with the shell. Its a waste of time and the yolk. Once again, my mission came up short. Although, I did receive a hot lead. There is an organic grocery located somewhere on South Street that may have what I am looking for! *fingers crossed*

For those of you unfamiliar with Viper Alarms, this is the two-way fob that comes with my alarm system for my truck. It can do remote start which was a heaven sent this past winter, plus some other bells and whistles besides the arm/disarm functions. Well, the battery door on the back of the unit fell off at sometime during the latter half of last week. I only noticed it missing because instead of the blue door I saw a Duracell logo when I took it out of my pocket. After looking in all of the unusual places an object that small could have fallen into I found nothing. "No big deal," I thought to myself. I'll just go down to an alarm shop and see if they have replacement parts for the fobs. Well, they don't carry replacement parts for the fobs, just replacement fobs at $100 each. SHIT! SHIT! DOUBLE-SHIT!!!

So I bite the bullet and fork over the dough for the new fob. But now I have two perfectly functioning fobs, one sans battery door. On the brighter side, I have the corporate website for Viper Alarms and will contact them to see if they can send me a replacement battery door. Since I have a recent receipt and part number for the fob maybe I will luck out. We'll see.

I get out to my car after the dudes get done programming the new fob to work with my alarm and I hop in the driver's seat. You ever get that feeling when your wallet doesn't feel the same as it always does in your pocket? Well, I got that feeling. I whip out my wallet and see that I, indeed, took back my credit card from the counter person at the alarm shop. Good, Dave. Okay, what then? Well I look at all my cards and see that I no longer have my Citibank ATM card. FREEKIN' LOVELY! Not that I am worried about someone using it (not possible) but I hate it when you have to go through all the bullshit of ordering a new card and then waiting for it to arrive without accessing my account. Lucky for me my memory is still pretty good because I realized that I left it at Bricktop last night. I arrived late for Reynolds spinnin' 80's Night but caught a good portion of his set. As I was leaving the place at closing I was talking with a few friends, couple cute birds and simply headed off to my truck when we said our goodbyes. Not a problem, then. I stop by Bricktop, pick up my card and I'm back on my way.

So my last mission today was to purchase Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 to finish up on some video editing I am doing for footage Sashka took on our trip to Tanzania. So I hop in Best Buy in town, get the software, pay and I'm out the door likity-split! Head home and start to install the software. I get about five minutes into it and I get a prompt that says:

"System does not meet minimum requirements. System needs SDEE2 compliant something-or-another."

TRIPLE SHIT!!! I really am stumped because I run PhotoShop CS2 on this same machine and I can't imagine why it would not support Premiere Elements. Either way, I had been putting off purchasing a desktop PC for my office here so I guess I should get that done. Not that I mind using my laptop, but for more involved tasks I'd rather take advantage of a PC-juiced and my large Viewsonic flatscreen. Just makes some projects easier all around.

So to summarize this Monday, I would say it had many disappointments some of which could see resolutions real soon. I guess I could have worse problems, eh? ;)