Monday, November 21, 2005

The Google'd Life of Strong Island Dave.

Thank you, Audra for introducing me to this neat little exploration into the world of Google Images. I think this is the coolest thing. Its interesting how meaningful things in your life manifest in the image catalogue.

The premise: Place the answers to these seven questions sans (without) any punctuation marks into the search field on Google Images and pick your favorite image from the "first" page of results:

1. What town did you grow up?
2. What is your first and last name?
3. What is your favorite food?
4. What is your favorite beverage?
5. What is your favorite scent?
6. What is your favorite song?
7. What are/were your grandmother's names?

Here are my results:

Town Where I Grew Up: Patchogue, NY

Now I believe this man is operating a machine switch used to switch the track lines located atop the observation tower at the Patchogue train station. But there was no additional commentary regarding the photo so I cannot be absolutely sure. Although, my next logical guess was that he was operating an old draw bridge but there aren't any draw bridges in Patchogue.

My First and Last Name: David Marlborough

This is a photo of Lieutenant John J C Irving aboard the HMS Marlborough circa 1920. I picked this photo because I never realized a battleship was named after Marlborough, England. Plus, I have a fondness for vintage photos.

My Favorite Food: Egg Whites

This is pretty self-explanatory. Although, I would love to know where I could find a product like this in Lincoln, NE. I haven't been able to have egg whites since I moved here. Just whole eggs or Egg Beaters. Shite!

My Favorite Beverage: Tea

This is a picture of chinese Green Tea powder. Instead of having the green tea in a bag to steep in hot water, you simply add this powder to hot water and stir. I have had tea powder only once before at a restaurant but I do not think it was green tea powder. I'd like to get ahold of this stuff, though.

My Favorite Scent: Jasmine

This is also self-explanatory since it is a picture of the flower of the same name. Damn it, I went ahead and explained it. Ooops...

My Favorite Song: Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder) by Maxwell

Here he is! The modern day king of cool. Nobody's smoother than this cat! Check out his album Embrya if you don't believe me. But be warned. Please stock up on contraceptives before listening to this record with your main squeeze. 'Cause like Barry White, Maxwell has been responsible for his fair share of conceptions due to his sensual voice, lyrics and grooves!

My Two Grandmother's First Names: Gertrude and Miriam


Now my grandmother on my mother's side, Miriam, was a damn attractive woman. I have seen pictures of her when she attended Packer College in NYC back in the '40s. It was no wonder why my grandfather quickly took her off the available list. But I know she didn't look like this Miriam. I have just one word, "Whoa!" I'd like to take her to the candy shop...


Now I believe this is either a picture of a primrose or a climbing rose of the Gertrude variety. I love flowers and think this specimen is beautiful - just like Gertrude was when she was alive!