Sunday, October 16, 2005

So I've Been in Lincoln For a Week...

...and already I've revisited a few whimsical nuances I had previously forgotten about the Midwest and Lincoln. They have provided me the opportunity to scratch my head all over again and laugh to myself but outloud many times. Here's what few things I have observed since my arrival a week ago.

1. People drive slow. Not as slow as in West Palm Beach, but slow. This is not a big deal at all, really. My first couple of days driving around (familiarizing myself with the necessities) I wasn't looking to do any Mario Andretti impersonations behind the wheel believe me. But on one particular morning I headed out early. I did notice a bunch of Mario Andrettis. I thought for a moment, "Am I back on Long Island?" But then I saw that all the Marios' cars had sorority decals on their rear windows and it all began to make sense. Young girls drive the same in Lincoln, on Long Island and all points in between.

2. There are no delicatessens in Lincoln! I mean real delicatessens, the kind that open at 5am, make a kick ass egg sandwich in the morning and loads of heros all afternoon. There are two so-called delicatessens I have found so far near my crib but they all open up at 11am (wtf?) and none of them make egg sandwiches. Shite. I bet you if I opened up a deli, I would rake up the dough - especially if it were located near the UNL campus. Hey, that's an idea. I will look for delicatessens near the campus next time I am over that way. They must have heard of egg sandwiches out here, right?

3. Hyvee has Snapple Iced Tea!!! It's made from the best stuff on earth. Upon my arrival here I was dying for a cold one - a Snapple iced Tea. I went all over to try and get one. Every Quik-Mart I stopped at to get gas, Russ's Food Market, Super Saver even the book stores. Nothing. Until I was driving back from the Capitol building the other night (can't wait to take night photographs of the building - it truly is the city's monolith) I noticed a Hyvee Food Store. I decided to stop in seeing as it was on the way to my crib and I was still trying to find the best grocery store around where I could find the stuff I usually keep in the house. I was so happy to see cases of Snapple Iced Tea. Now if I could only find decent cold cuts and egg whites. It seems grocery store butcher departments don't carry cold cuts like they do back east. But no doubt I am on the case. They must have Boar's Head around here somewhere. LOL