Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Just to let y'all know.

Walking Wounded will be receiving a facelift!

Tonight on or about about 12pm EST (11pm CST) Walking Wounded will be receiving a facelift thanks to the multi-talented, the vivacious and I might add the wonderfully ample bosom'd Cricket!

Walking Wounded has been an institution for over a year now and I think the time has come to experiment more with the look and feel. Why not, really? Not to worry. You'll still see more of the opinions, observations, complaints, tech talk, music talk, movie talk, nonsensical (?) talk, weird photos, beautiful photos, weird people, beautiful people, weird things, beautiful things you've all come to expect quite surprisingly from a mind as twisted and cunning as mine!

For example, check out this dude who ate too much Ragu:


There is a story behind this picture which I will include in an upcoming post after the facelift. Check out the new look when the clock strikes twelve and the witching hour begins... LOL