Monday, October 31, 2005

Busy weekend/More Firsts

drag racing

I saw my first drag racers!!! Not my first ones ever, just the first time since being in Lincoln. Well at least one of them was trying to drag race. LOL

As I approached these two vehicles at the intersection of Warlick and Old Cheney (not too busy but not too open an intersection either, really) the driver of the Chevy truck was lurching his vehicle forward a foot at the time while revving his engine apparently trying to get the Dodge Magnum driver to drag race. I immediately began to laugh and luckily I had my camera laying on the passenger seat to pop the shot. Come to think of it I should have taken a video but was afraid my batteries would have run out.

The driver of the Magnum looked like a business suit-type content with yacking on his cell phone and wasn't interested in racing at all. But the shit kicker driving the Chevy really wanted to race! Judging from the look of his truck he was probably kicking some shit all through the live long day and rightfully bored as hell. When I pulled up next to him in the turning lane to see what the dude looked like, the guy looked like Grizzly Adams or something, pushing sixty years old, making him nearly twice the age of the Magnum driver. I couldn't stop laughing (couldn't look away either) even when the shit kicker looked over at me. Behind his doo rag and sunglasses I could see his perplexed look wondering what I could be finding so hilarious. I imagined for a moment:

Shit Kicker: "Whadd'ya looking at, boy?"

Moi: "Just anuddah knob behind da wheel, sir." (out here I've got an accent too!)

Shit Kicker: "Whadd'ya mean by knob, man?"

Moi: "You know, like 'daw knob.' Daw knobs aren't too sharp!"

Shit Kicker: "I'm sorry, I don't follow ya!"

Moi: *chuckle* "Yeah, I figgered as much!"

But instead, I looked back at the turning signal to see it was green and I made my left. You gotta have fun sometimes, even if it is at someone else's expense. ;)