Monday, August 15, 2005

Scary Shit, Funny Shit, Cool Shit!

Scary shit. I went to the gym tonight with Methodical and attempted to do our usual total body workout. He goes with me in the evenings, as I go in the morning (part of my split) and do small muscle groups along with cardio. I save the heavy lifting for the night session so we can spot eachother. Well, I was bench pressing and when I got to my third set, sixth rep I felt something weird. It felt like someone was blowing through a straw and the bubbles were popping inside my left shoulder. No pain, just the bubbles. Anyway, it startled me and made me cut my workout short. As I type this I have soreness in the shoulder but I took some anti-inflamatory pills so we'll see what I wake up to (fingers crossed)! Maybe twice a day for so long is too much? But I need a second opinion...

Funny shit. How's this for conversation over drinks: Celia and The Tennis Whore. - Weeds

Tennis Whore - "He's very cute. Funny. Clean-"

Celia - "-married to me!"

TW - "It's not like we're running off. It was just sex. Very hot sex!"

C - "Yeah, but now I have to deal with it. And I hate to deal with things. So what did you do for him?"


TW - "You know, he went down on me for days!"

C - "Well, he was always very talented in that department."

TW - "Dean's a good guy."

C - "Shut up! I'm very mad at him."

TW - "Are you going to divorce him?"

C - "Hell no! No way he can support two households. And I'm not living in a townhouse again!"

TW - "That's why I'm never getting married."

C - "No, you'll just fuck the married."


C - "You're a big whore!"

TW - "I think it's time for me to leave-"

C - "Oh, sit your flat ass down. Yeah, you're a good listener."

TW - "Thanks!"

C - "Fuck you. Let's get another round!"


Cool shit. Thanks to Primate Buddy for turning me on to this nice blog featuring downloadable classic movies. For a film nut like myself this is cool. I'm really into the early film noir - visually, the most striking B&W cinema, in my opinion. And speaking of film nuts. What is it with the contestants on IFC's Film Fanatic? Now I do not consider myself a film fanatic, but these fools on the show are fucking dumbies! Now I do not have an eclectic collection of film related materials or websites or review database, etc. So the usual contestants would have me there - unless I were to develop some of my own. Not impossible. The people on the show miss a lot of questions that should be common knowledge to any mediocre fan of films. Anybody have an opinion on this?