Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday's Coolest Toy!

Street bikes
Methodical recently got himself this pretty cool bike. I don't know much about street bikes aside from the basics but its pretty sweet. I guess I have always had the opinion that street bikes were light and "barely there" machines that were more suited to smaller dudes. Not having the safety of a cabin also is a foreign concept to most. This used to be the predominant reason why I was never into them before (never have considered getting one). But my opinion has changed after checking out this bike. It feels very solid and as if there is a lot more than an aluminum can seperating you from the road!

The bike is quite powerful being a 1000cc in such a streamlined package...

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I think the dual exhaust is a killer look for bikes like these.

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The copper color is aggressive looking too, reminds me of the Eclipse Spider color.

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The Man and his Machine.