Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I Must Be Missing Something Here!

After hearing a lot of people rave about BitTorrent and downloading torrent files, and catching the crew at Attack of the Show on more than one ocassion mention torrents, I figured I would go ahead, get a client and give it a whirl. I must say I am extremely disappointed! But there is a reason for the season, of course.

Now this morning at about 6am I attempted to download my first torrent file. And at roughly 5pm the client is still sitting there running the download at 0.00% completion. (?) Now I checked to make sure Windows, my firewall or McAfee wasn't blocking the client from completing the download. No blocks. So officially, I don't get it. Not that I am all broken up over it, really. I have more pressing things to worry about but I hate not being able to figure things out.

Anybody have experience with BitTorrent and could enlighten me?



Turns out that the download finally completed at... 8:30pm!!! I forgot that I had it still running to be honest. Jesus, that is one hell of a download time, ain't it? I thought the whole reason behind compressing the file was that it would be able to download quicker(?). In any event, I got my file and really wasn't all that impressed with it. Nothing ventured nothing gained, right? My original question still stands, however. So hopefully some of my readers know what's up with BitTorrent and can help me out. *wink*