Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Deadly Intentions

Above all others, there are a group of organisms that I would not hesitate to whipe off the face of the earth if I had the power. You guessed it, MOSQUITOS. I hate these fuckers! Especially, because they sem to take a particular liking to me. Does my blood taste that good you little bastards?

Monday night I was chillin' at the Cop's crib for a little swimmy-swim and BBQ. I brought a gaggle of chicken thighs (with bone and skin, baby) for him to grill up. One good thing about cutting carbs is that it leaves more room for BBQ veggies and meat/fish/poultry. LOL Seriously, if the chicken is going to be grilled, its okay if the skin is kept on. With the way the Cop likes his BBQ (a little on the well-done side) its awesome! But of course the ecstacy could only last for so long before some unwanted guests made their way into the yard. Even the tiki torches weren't making a dent in these little bastards. I had a Nike dri-fit long sleeve top I was wearing so my arms were fine. As we sat and chatterboxed it was drama. Where's the DEET when you need it.

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My calves and ankles were devastated for real...
The flash sort of bleaches them out but you would think I had a case of the measles.

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Looks like it was a Chinese Buffet for these bastards!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comApparently, that dark red spot was a bite that I began scratching at while hanging out and didn't realize I was drawing blood on. Damn it!

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I apologize for quality fo the shots. These were taken using my new DSC-T7 and I'm still getting used to it.

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Here, I tried to show how raised up off the surface they had become. These mosquitos must have been on crank or something.

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Same here. Damned flash, I'll figuree it out soon enough.

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Luckily, I will have plenty of this in Africa.