Monday, July 04, 2005

Where are the Urban Ninjas when you need them?

Just got back from Merzy's house after Methodical and I went over for some BBQ, brews and to catch some more fireworks. Merzy's wife got stuck working a late shift down Port, so Methodical and I helped entertain Merzy's two kids in between imbibing brews and consuming BBQ'd chicken thighs. The fireworks displays were fairly good. However, at times it is like watching for UFOs and I found myself spinning to try and catch visuals which were coming in all directions. Lots of laughs were had as schmucks in Merzy's development were trying to shoot their rockets and hitting roofs, trees and basically having an ill time. No fires which was a good thing.

Merzy has a campy video fetish and always acquires weird videos of accidents, international TV commercials, bloopers, etc. We were watching The Urban Ninja video among others. I had forgotten about this dude but then remembered the Nike commercial in which he was featured hopping down a building using the outside walls of opposing flights of stairs (now that's trick, yo!). Makes one appreciate a career like Jackie Chan's for real.

As I was searching for the video I found these...

animated videos which I thought were pretty cool. They forgot the samurai sword along with the sugar and spice and everything nice. This little girl is made up of plenty more ingredients!

Video #1 - Watch This!

Video #2 - Watch This!