Sunday, July 03, 2005

Weekend Kickoff the Right Way!

Methodical and I went to the gym like dedicated individuals in the early afternoon Saturday which was really cool. We weren't able to hook up during the week due to incompatible schedules and I had missed not working out with my regular partners. Getting into a zone is easier with partners. The Cop pinched a nerve in his neck and was incognito the whole week as well. So I was flying solo for much of the week.

Afterwards, Methodical suggested we hit Dublin Deck for some lunch and brews. I like Dublin Deck because it is located at a marina on Patchogue River and you can sit outside under umbrellas or tiki huts. Food is decent and the drinks are not too bad either. We usually go there to see all the characters that show up and to look at birds. Saturday night did not disappoint in the bird department!

The two of us are like pseudo-celebs...

at Dublin Deck since my birthday bash on Memorial Day weekend. The host is this older lady who has a bubbly personality and is a natural at schmoozing with the local clientele. Remembering us immediately, she stopped at our table several times to chatterbox and share candid stories regarding patrons. For example, she had stopped at our table on one occasion and asked if Methodical and I noticed this chick sitting at the bar flocked by six knobs. We didn't notice until she brought it to our attention needless to say. After giving a good look-see my buddy and I shared a knod of approval.

The host proceeds to tell us that the chick told her that she was a girlfriend to all six guys. The dudes each get their own day of the week (6) and the seventh day the girl takes for herself to rest (and probably douche). My buddy and I chuckle as we hear the story and then the host asks us what we personally think of the deal. My buddy, on point with his rapid-fire wit, quickly offered to volunteer for the seventh day if she had an opening. Attempting to make the host blush (merely as a joke mind you), I offered that my sexual appetite far exceeds what can be accomplished in only 24 hours, therefore I would not be a happy member of the group. Perhaps "squack rack" would be a more accurate description but I was talking to a lady after all.

Later on we decided to move into the bar so we could sit, have more drinks and get a bird's eye view of the eye candy as they strut in. Sitting caddy corner at the bar more and more people began stepping between us to order their drinks. I felt a bump on one occasion and when I turned to see who it was, the chick asked me if I minded she ordered a drink. Of course, I said no problem. Next, she leans on me and asks if I mind her leaning while she waits for her tequila shots. Again, I say no problem at all. Now what happened next caught me completely off guard. The chick asked me If I minded if she picked at my ear with her pinky while she waited for her shots. (Side Note: her French manicure was totally spot on and totally sexy with nails just the right length.) I simply laughed it off and helped her collect her shots, salt shaker and lemon wedges.

Maybe it was the amount of drinks I had or possibly something else but my quick wit failed me at that moment. Methodical suggested I say something on the lines of, "Is that the best pick up line you have?" I liked that idea because it opened that door for interesting discourse and I wished I was able to put that together on the spot. Later on, I realized why I was caught off guard in the first place. For one my ears are erogenous zones. Other than full-blown (pardon the pun) oral sex, nothing can start my engine faster than hot breath, a warm tongue or lips sucking on my ear lobes. I simply burn, baby. Also, picking at my ears was something my ex used to do and I loved it.

We could be watching a movie on the couch or just lying around and she would scratch the inside of my ear lightly with a nail and it always made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. So when the girl mentioned the ear picking thing it made me think of my ex which might have made me zone out a bit. I guess she still occupies a certain portion of my back burner. But don't worry I am not going to let it get me all twisted!

An added bonus to the evening was the late arrival of The Cop and his wife for a couple of drinks before they headed home. When I called The Cop to see what he was up to, he said he was just leaving a Police BBQ and would stop down to Dublin Deck for drinks. When I went to take a piss my cell rang and it was The Cop asking me where I was. So as I was making my way to the shit houses I passed the from entrance and their he was with his wife on crutches (wtf?). His wife is a nurse. Turns out she popped her knee out trying to lift and transport a patient. What a buzz kill! I sympathize with her because my ex was a nurse and I was always concerned about her lifting patients by herself. It's not that I thought she wasn't strong but a guy my size would be a challenge for any one person male or female. In any event, it was a short night for the two of them because she looked like she was in a little bit of discomfort.

Regardless, it was a fun night for all as Dublin Deck was bangin' with truly shuckable clam!