Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Was Fairly Productive Today.

How about a nifty list of things I did today? Yeah, why not, baby!

  • Broke a sweat! Unavoidable with this terrible humidity. First broke at 7:30am and continued the moist feeling all day.

  • Laundry and more laundry. No matter how much I do it seems to always collect. Although my amounts are starting to diminish as I pack more things away for the move.

  • Brought tools to my dad's house/Took Caesar for a ride! I was sad at the thought of leaving Caesar behind in the house when I went to my dad's, so I decided to bring him along. Caesar loves it when I use the Explorer's "560" air conditioning.*

  • Don't worry there's more...

  • Played phone tag with my attorney's office. It turned into phone tag because we had three power outages in my township within an hour which caused calls to be dropped and networks to be temporarily busy. Gawddamn LIPA mothergrabbers!!!

  • Hung out with my neighbor Audra, her son Colin and the new baby! After the power went on and off, and I couldn't get back in touch with my attorney's office, I went over to make sure things were okay (since she was home by herself). Ended up hanging out while Colin was raising hell. Audra and John are great friends and great neighbors. As such we got each other's back, ya heard!

  • And lastly,

    Take the MIT Weblog Survey

    Oh yeah, check out for their map of the Apollo landings. Can't wait until the map is updated with locations of bases, bio-domes, etc. Hopefully before I'm dead! :)


    *560 Air Conditioning is when you roll all five windows down and drive 60 (a-hem) MPH down the road.