Monday, July 04, 2005

Early Night for Pimp Diesel

Yesterday was sort of a down time for the party animal. After hitting the gym early, Methodical and I went over the Cop's house to hang out pool side, drink some brews and eat some burgers. I can't just "hang" pool side so I dove in. Methodical enjoys loungin' out more than swimming and within fifteen minutes was out for the count on a reclining lounge. The pool felt awesome as the weather was not humid and the sun was mighty strong. Father, The Cop's squad partner, stopped by for a few brews and some trash talking. As the hour approached 8pm I was mighty tired. Not tired enough to sleep but I just wanted to take a shower and then lay on the couch and watch some TV. So Methodical dropped me off at my house. My neighborhood was bouncing as everyone and their aunts were out walking the streets and catching fireworks mayhem. Caesar has become afraid of fireworks in his old age so of course he was very spastic. But hey, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day only come three times a year!

Since I had just enough energy to go surf, I blogged a bit as I watched Entourage, Henry's Film Corner and Queer as Folk. Thanks to the uber-bright Audra for turning me on to another fun survey at I just can't resist finding out how I measure up in terms of figures and icons of pop culture. The survey claimed a greater accuracy if you answered more questions. Since I had nothing else pressing I took all four versions of the survey and found some interesting results...

9-question survey result:

This one really tripped me out!

18-question survey result:

What a difference from merely doubling the amount of questions.

27-question survey result:

Now JFK was an obvious choice because it takes a randy Mick to know a randy Mick!

45-question survey result:

Jeez, back to Ghandi, eh? This might be a stretch because other than Celebrity Death Match Ghandi was a rather passive fellow!