Friday, June 24, 2005

These things spread like wild fire!

My self-discovery knows no limits lately. First, there was the stupidity test which proved that being 30 hasn't made me any stupider (er?) yet! Now I have The Quick and Dirty IQ Test brought to my attention by the beautiful bird of the Midwest.

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry... :(

Your IQ Is 135

Your Logical Intelligence is Genius
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius
Your General Knowledge is Exceptional

You see just three years ago... I took an IQ test with one of my clients for both fun and to help prove a point to him. At the time he lacked self-esteem when it came to tackling subjects like the sciences (biology, chemistry, earth science, etc.). Of course, his esteem was compensated in other areas like math, social studies and within his athletic career, areas he continues to show a mastery of.

More often than not, we would argue whether or not it took a "genius" to excel in science. So I thought taking an IQ test with him would help prove that, indeed, I am not a genius and that it doesn't take a genius to do well in science subjects. Good study habits as well as assessing areas you are having trouble in, and asking questions to further you're own understanding are much more important to achievement.

Eighth grade was the last time I took an IQ test prior to the one with my client and I scored 120, a full 20 points below "genius" level. So I figured this would work out great to prove my point! Well, after scoring the test my score was a 139 (no shit!) which was a shock to say the least. I missed the genius bracket by one point. Initially, I didn't know what to make of this because I didn't realize at the time that IQ could increase either over time or with age in general. Needless to say I had to rework my lesson a bit with my client.

One good thing is that I was able to convey the message that you need not be a genius to do well in science subjects. I am pleased to say that in recent semesters my client's self-esteem as well as academic achievement have improved. I am very proud of him.

But on another note, this score has me wondering whether hitting 30 has caused a regression in my IQ. Am I really loosing it? At this rate, if it remains constant, by the time I am 40 I will be back down to the 120 range. I shudder at the thought of what will be happening at age 50. Damn, I have never really thought of how things will be when I am a senior but it is scaring me! LOL Maybe I should stock up on Ginko Boloba or something to keep my marbles from making a premature exit. The early bird keep the marbles, right? Or was it the worm? ;)