Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Now get packing, fool!

With all the anxiety and anticipation from last week I find myself physically depleted. I guess it has been a combination of weather (again the switch is flipped and NY is HOT baby), pollen, training and finally entering contract that has left me low on energy. But I am plugging along at a decent pace. For the rest of June, I will be packing a little bit each day (sort of going from room to room) as well as organizing the things I will be selling in my yard sale. I thought I would be able to avoid doing an actual yard sale but more and more it looks as though it will be necessary. Not that I have a lot of stuff to sell, but so far none of my buddies or people I know have taken a stab at some of it.

The Cop is going to buy my Echo weed whacker and shoulder mounted leaf blower as well as my Weber Gemini-C gas grill. None of these will do me much good at my apartment and since he has a house and yard to take care of they will serve him well. Plus, being in excellent condition, if he were to go ahead and buy every piece seperately he would get no where near as good a deal as I am giving him. Other items I have for sale or a bunch of old computer gear and monitors, various electronics, yard tools, some furniture as well as odds and ends. Hopefully, most will sell at the yard sale and what ever is left over will be pawned off on my loved ones. God that sounds so lame! But you know what I mean.

Also, for the rest of this month my posting will be a bit chaotic and forthis I apologize. I will be updating Mobile Davis regarding my trip to Tanzania so be sure to check out developments as they happen.