Sunday, June 26, 2005

It was the biggest Pay Per View mismatch...

In my heart, I was expecting to see more of a war. But it turned out how it should have in the end. Mayweather easily handled Gatti in last night's "Thunder and Lightning" showdown scoring a sixth round TKO in Gatti's back yard of Atlantic City, NJ. The fight capped off an excellent card well worth the price of PPV. In cased you missed this great card, you can find the story here. HBO will also be rebroadcasting the fight later this week so check your cable listings.

The greatest allure to Gatti for me... the puncher's chance; a shot for a fighter to come back and knock his opponent out and be victorious. The allure for someone like Mayweather to be engaged in a war is rooted in my belief that a fighter can only achieve so much fame by being cautious. A truly epic boxer, like Ali for instance, has the perfect combination of boxing craft and the spirit of a fighter. Let's face it, if a boxer is ever truly tested in his or her career, they need to dispense with being cautious and actually fight for the win! So far Mayweather has not had to do that and it is a shame. One icon who suffered in the long run from not developing the ability to take as well as he could give was Roy Jones, Jr. Ultimately, his career took an unexpected turn because of this.

Hopefully, Mayweather might be able to actually get into a scrap with perhaps Ricky Hatton later this year or next. Only then will he be able to garner as much of a fan base as fighters like Gatti, Ward and others who were not afraid to bare some scars from their victories.