Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Here Come the Scanty Clad Girls of Summer...

On a side note, not only did these past few weeks fly by, but packing up my things has been like a trip down memory lane. Also, I have a new appreciation of just how many things I have collected over the past seven years or so. As I am sorting through the stuff I can't live without and the stuff I can really do without, slowly but surely order is being established which is always a great thing. I can't wait until the packing is done and I no longer have to worry about it. But then again I will be unpacking pretty soon which will I'm sure i will be cursing a bit. Although, I plan on taking my time with it. No sense turning my new crib into chaos from the get go.

On a more serious note...

School is letting out for the young'uns finally. This doesn't affect me in the least only the noticable increase in foot traffic. Around this neighborhood that means more and more scantily clad 15-18 year old birds strutting up and down the block, at times accompanied by their wanna-be playa peers with one hand constantly in their pockets adjusting themselves and tongues wagging like pups. I'm certain I am not breaking new ground when I pose this question. Where are these kids parents?

For the boys, their actions are not condoned but are at least understood. With the way their minds work it is no wonder they carry on the way they do. It's like me wagging a strip of bacon in front of Caesar. Caesar will follow me to the end of the earth with drool and desire. But like Caesar, boys need training and some restraint. At home, they must not be getting much of this.

For the girls, my mind is equally perplexed. As a rational person, I can understand why they dress the way they do, tease, flirt and carry on. Watch MTV or Fuse for a half an hour and all is clear. Now if I were a Dad I would have to be brain-dead to let my little girl walk out of the house looking like that. No, I would not force my daughter to dress like the Amish. Obviously my wife and I would have to have a sidebar every now and then to come to an agreement with what is appropriate for them to wear. I guess this is not happening in their homes either.

At least they are pedestrians and not yet behind the wheel of a car. Although inside a vehicle, you cannot see what skimp they have on. The only thing you can catch of glimpse of is a beam formed by the color of the car zooming down the road like the Flash. To be honest I do not know which is worse. While walking up and down the street all day is quiet and safer for some of the little tikes, they still get an eye full. When I was in grade school we had some hot chicks don't get me wrong. I simply cannot remember there being so many or so many dressed like the echo boomers do.

One thing I do notice, out of all the echo boomer birds in this neighborhood, most who are dressing like street walkers in training do not participate in sports. A few birds I see jogging in the late afternoons and on weekends look like they are rather athletic. When they are in their street attire I notice they are not so "ghetto bootified." So perhaps this is a key to remember when I have daughters of my own. Make sure I start them off with an appreciation for sports this way they spend their free time either studying, training, playing their sport and NOT walking the streets attracting dawgs.