Sunday, June 12, 2005

Another one hits the big 3-0!

Whoa! The Cop's 30th birthday bash was off the hook. And it was off the hook too! Great food, music, swimming, sprirts and, of course, nurses. Yes, they were sheilas and 90% looked like they were able to give good mouth-to-mouth! In a couple of days I will have shots to upload to "Visual Davis" hopefully. Today, I am just so lazy although I did mow the lawn. After the lawn I quickly headed back into the house because it was hot and I was VERY dehydrated. Piper, Ketel, Amber Bach and an assortment of Smirnoff Mandarin Orange fuzzy drinks will do that to even the hardest among us!

One thing I have come to appreciate is that indeed asian chicks pack some plump in the dumpy-dump. And its so nice!