Monday, May 16, 2005

Weather is finally coming around!

Maybe I should have chosen landscaping/landscape design as my profession? As soon as spring started to creep in, I couldn't wait to mow the grass, weed and otherwise get dirty in the yard. Or course, the more time I find myself spending outside the less time I find I am engaging in more sessile activities such as surfing and blogging. Hence, my rather sporatic entries as of late. But it's so hard to deny myself the sun and fresh air. Actually, I'm just fucking lazy! I could easily set up my notebook outside on the patio and when I take a break for some tea simply blog away. It's not like I have nothing to say, right??

But seriously...

...What is the deal with people and boats?! Everyone and their aunts are getting boats. I live on an island, true, but with the high prices of gas (why is LI 10% higher than anywhere else except Hawaii, ffs!?!) how are these people able to not only slip a boat but keep it fueled for the weekends? Pretty soon if these prices do not go down you will start seeing knobs being pulled over on the highways here for carting drums of fuel in their trucks. By law you cannot transport more than 10 gallons in a container I think. I've only had to transport gas for my lawnmower, so I am really not sure of this regulation cause I have never broken it. Usually, I can only quote for certain laws that I have personally broken.

As I am writing this I see that yet again this month SPICE WORLD is on cable. A horrible movie, indeed, but there's nothing wrong with seeing some built birds acting bad on screen. No matter how bad they are they are good, you know. My favorite spice bird? Hmm. To be honest, I would be like William's in "Enter the Dragon" and give all five of 'em a thorough fluctuation of diction (I love brit cockneys) and in the morning they'd be butt naked in my kitchen with their house shoes on fixing my egg whites and turkey breast! After a long night's overtime one needs a wholesome, well balanced breakfast. Hell yeah!

Now off to some yard work now that the sun is back out again. Besides, I'd like to catch that bird from around the corner on her jog. I like to holler at her as she goes bouncing by.