Thursday, May 19, 2005

Something in the Paper Actually Made Me Feel Good!

Rarely do I read something in the paper that makes me feel better about the world around me. Most of the time I say to myself, "what the fuck is wrong with the gene pool?" (Or something equally as crass as that.) But yesterday I read something that actually made me feel a bit good. As if we are heading in the right direction as a people, society as a whole. It concerns the AMBER Alert System which is a nation wide network that posts alerts whenever a child is missing. When the service first startted I thought it was a great idea since, like most people, I was growing increasingly depressed to see more flyers in my mail with children's faces on them saying, "Have you seen this child?" I love my country but it is shit like this that still leaves a sour after taste.

An interesting column in USA Today...

...caught my attention because it said that AMBER (America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response) Alerts are now available on wireless service carriers like Verizon and Sprint. The logic behind this is that people with cell phones are the "mobile eyes and ears" of the country and seem to spread news around real quick. This is really cool because what better way to get the word out about a missing child than to have it hit those who are out and about and constantly on their cell phones, right? Alerts are tailored to the region you are in, so there is no worry that someone in New York will receive an alert about a missing child abducted in New Mexico. Plus, the service is FREE, so it doesn't cost you anything not even the charges for SMS messages that some carriers have. (Cool beans!) I for one will be signing up since Sprint (along with Verizon) is a sponsor of the Wireless AMBER Alerts. Pretty soon other carriers will be signing on and I think they should because time seems to be the determining factor for recovering a missing child. The USA Today column said that something like 70% of missing children are killed within the first three hours of being abducted! This just blows my mind and makes me feel even stronger about this cause. So get off your asses (well you know what I mean, LOL) people and point your browsers to the AMBER Alerts web site and sign up!!!