Saturday, May 21, 2005

Revenge of the Sith Rocked!

But some of the knobs who were in the theatre were annoying as hell! The crew and I attended the 10:30pm showing, so we made sure to arrive early to make sure we had a good selection of seats. No problems there. I prefer to be rather centered in the isle and not too close up to the screen which worked out great. One funny part (before the movie even started) was as soon as the coming attractions were over and the "Twentieth Century Fox" appeared everyone in the theatre erupted in applause. The crew and I were all looking at each other as if they added about a half-hour of coming attraction before Episode III. Fuckers!

I have to say Episode III is the best out of the first three episodes but many will realize that Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back still holds the crown as the greatest of them all! I found that while the story was good and a bit on the darker side (not too much of the whimsical, Disney aspect) in general the film seemed rushed. If the film had the same pace as let's say Episodes I or II then the film could have been easily three and a half hours long. Many of the crew agreed that Episode III tried to pack in a lot of story into the two plus hours making the action of the film relentless.


Yes, Mace Windu gets tricked up by Anakin and a down but not out Darth Sidious (emperor Palpatine) kills him. This didn't leave me all that upset because I felt that much of Samuel L. Jackson's dialogue was shite. He was much cooler in Episodes I and II. Also, Darth Sidious's power was more psychological than actual physical and I had to check myself a few times because I thought Mace was going to kill Sidious/Palpatine in the movie, even though he wasn't supposed to. It has been a while since I read the books so the cobb webs are there lingering in some places of memory.

Yes, Yoda gets down again and nearly ends Sidious's life. However, if I had to rewrite the story a bit I would have pinned Obi Wan against Sidious and Yoda against Anakin/Vader. Obi Wan's skills with the living force as well as with the light sabre at this point in the story line are more than enough to end Sidious. Yoda would have made easy work of Anakin/Vader because Vader's full dark powers were not yet fully released. But, of course, Obi Wan had to be the one to strike down Anakin/Vader because this would set-up the rematch in Episode IV: A New Hope. Speaking of Episode IV, I never really understood the trick that Obi Wan did when Vader seemingly cut him down with his light sabre, but with no body to be found. The way Vader acted in light of this seemed to reveal that he knew what Obi Wan really did (that is became one with the force without dying). Evidence of this can be seen in Episode III where Yoda tells Obi Wan that he has more training for him, in particular he will teach Obi Wan how to converse with Qui Gon Jinn who himself became one with the force as a result of his death by the hand of Darth Maul.

For all this stuff is fascinating and I could go on and on at length. But suffice to say that I was happy with the film and I am disappointed majorly that Lucas will not be making the final three Episodes VII, VIII and IX. Although another director and production crew could take the reigns, nothing is certain as of yet!