Thursday, May 05, 2005

An Important Project Everyone Should See

Steadily over the past few months, I have become more of a consistant fan of the shows Screen Savers (now defunct) and Attack of the Show (Screen Savers v2.0) on the G4 network. Anything related to blogging catches my eye. Apparently, blogging has further morphed into vlogging or video blogging which is a logical progression in my mind with both picture blogging and audio blogging well within the mainstream. Well, vlogging is about to take another quantum leap with the IAM Project.

Tripp Millican creator of the IAM Project is developing a "point of view" video recording system using streaming video technology and head-mounted video hardware. What is cool about his software is the it has the ability to sense scene changes, light changes, etc. in order to pre-chop video segments taken from hours of recorded video automatically. In other words, a person can record their entire day (from waking up, to going to work and returning home, yadda yadda yadda) and the software will have automatically chopped the video into segments corresponding to changing events of that day. Your drive to work will be seperated from all other events in that days recorded video. This is way cool in my opinion!

Plus, all of the video is from the recorder's point of view meaning video images reflect in perspective what the recorder sees. Did I also mention this system is totally portable? Sweetness! The impact this software will have on many industries is staggering. The creator's goal is to have the software readily available for anyone to make use of. The project is still in development and you can follow this development through the IAM research blog. If only there would be hope of having this system complete and available for when I take my big trip (still being ironed out) in the Fall. Oh well. I think it is definitely worth the wait no matter how long it takes.