Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Check This Out If You Wanna Represent!

Being a bit of a fashion whore (not really) I am always on the prowl for new urban clothing ideas. I stumbled upon Neighborhoodies. What a cool name, huh? Not just a cool name, mind you, they have neat apparel offerings and gift ideas for anyone who loves his or her hometown (or just wants to create some conversation sparking outerwear). They have babywear and stuff for pets.

Oh yeah, they customize skivvies too (only for the femmes though)! The possibilities are endless, ladies. If I actually pulled the jeans off a shag and saw "East Setauket Bearded Clam" on them I would totally lose it! Laughing at a chicks skivvies I believe is a faux pas. But it wouldn't be the first time. :) Anyway, check them out!