Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I felt the big 3-0 creep up some more this past week. The 26th is rushin' in like the bulls in Pamplona for real and a week is turning into a blur. But I am happy to say that many nice developments have taken place. In general, the weather is getting better and better, although we had a wet time this past week, and I am feeling the Spring Fever a bit. I got my first minor sun burn from working in the yard (woohoo!) starting me on my way to many cycles of red-to-pale. This is all trivial really compared to what else has happened.

So why not do a little bulleted list thingy to keep track? Yes-yes! After all I am feeble-minded (LOL):

  • Next week I should be entering contract on my house - This is really awesome since I have been paying rent on my new place in Lincoln as of April 1st. I am really excited to get this sale finalized and to get moved in to my new apartment. And believe it or not, I am looking forward to driving out to Nebraska with Caesar! It should be a fun little two-day adventure.

  • Training has kicked into a higher gear - So far I see positive gains in both strength and muscular endurance. The most noted effects have been my vertical leap and serve speed during volleyball games. Not being much of a spiker before I am clearly able to drive the ball down now which is nice. But the real goal is to make myself more limber and improve my climbing ability, as well as look better. I know that might sound vain but it is the truth.

  • Dad and I are about finished with the upstairs - Another good thing this way I can concentrate on sorting and packing as the closing approaches. The one thing my attorney will have to negotiate on my behalf is perhaps a quicker closing. This way I am not stuck paying for more rent than I have to before I am actually moved in.

  • Lastly, I have to remove aspestos insulation in the basement - As per terms of the contract. Luckily, my dad knows a friend who does this and will be able to give me a good price for the removal. Other than that, the house is ready to go. So I shall keep my fingers crossed as the next few weeks approach. Hopefully, this will all go smoothly.

  • On a different note, I am beginning to realize how crazy selling a house can be. Certainly, buying a house is even crazier but thank heavens I am on the other side. You gain a true appreciation for things when you experience them first hand, that's for sure.