Thursday, May 26, 2005

Another Crushing Blow To All the Hopeless Romantics in New York!

(begin sarcasm) The healthcare system in this country is really tip top! (end sarcasm) Seems that for the past five years or so the hopeless romantics (convicted sex offenders and child predators) of New York State were able to get erectile-dysfunction drugs like Viagra through their Medicare benefits. In other words, they have enjoyed stronger and longer lasting erections at the expense of John and Jane Q. Taxpayer! Now this might not be limited to just New York State and might not be new news for some. I finally decided to say something now that Wacky Pataki and George Bush are getting involved in the cause...

For those who know me, I have a particular hatred and disgust for people who fall into the following categories:

1. Rapists - some experts say these crimes are more about power and less about the actual sex itself. Either way, I feel these assholes are just too cheap to pay for it like normal people! I mean why not try taking a girl out, getting to know her, treating her like a lady and spending some time and dough. Anyone who thinks sex is free must have been sleeping for the last couple hundred years. Even here are Long Island, where the cost of living is pretty high, sex is still readily affordable depending on where you shop. It can range from a few minutes for as little as $20 (not including cost of gas from all the driving in circles) to weeks even months and not knowing how much money it really cost you! But with any purchase no matter how great or small it is always buyer beware. Special note to date rapists, coming straight from my experience in nearly all types of sexual theatre, no means no. Code words and other communication aside, screaming NO has never meant anything but "get the fuck off of me!!!"

2. Spousal Abusers - I used to use the term "wife beaters" but because I own several and they now have documented cases of wives beating their husbands I use the term Spousal Abusers. Perhaps it's a bit more PC. One thing is for certain these people can be multidisciplinary fuck-ups since they could just as easily fall into category #1. Basically, this is a simple issue for me. One, no matter what kind of shit you might have seen growing up in your home or community, we are all born with a brain of our own and we are not doomed to repeat the ridiculous actions of others, period. And two, like category #1 regardless who is doing the abusing (man or woman) the law should be equally merciless for both. Both male and female offenders need a stiff boot in their ass. More often than not, men get something else up their ass in prison but women offenders may get off a bit light in this department.

3. Pedophiles - Again some experts say the causal components for these crimes are multifaceted although I look at this class of criminal with brutal simplicity. Similar to a dog that has attacked/killed a person it usually has to be put down because it now has the ability to do it again with even less provocation. I feel the same can be said for pedophiles. I just feel that once this line has been crossed there is no rehabilitation that can be done. It is not something that can be "un"-trained. There are some who disagree I am sure but until I am proven wrong I stand firm on my reasoning. More often than not, those who have offended tend to never truly assimilate back into normal society. The rare few are exceptions to the rule.

Many other sub-categories can be created from the three above but I like to keep things simple and digestable in my mind. Complexity sometimes clouds the mind from coming to reasonable conclusions that make sense in the real world. So I am glad to see that erectile-dysfunction drugs will no longer be administered to those who have been convicted of rape, molestation, etc. In my opinion, this matter should have been looked into sooner and with far more rigor instead of other issues like same sex marriage. I have no problem with same sex marriage and I am convinced God feels the same given the many other horrible things that exist in this world.