Monday, April 11, 2005

A Paradigm and Body Broken...

“Nothing in life worth a damn is easy, nor is it required to feel great all the time.” –DRM

I keep telling myself this when I think about the goals I have set for myself. Whether it is career, relationship or health related there will be ups and downs. Experiencing downs will ultimately weather you for future storms and also prepare you to chart a smoother course in the future. I am currently in a down with regard to my health goals.

As it has been discussed before, I sacrificed much of my life to the care and assistance of my grandfather. Also, I dedicated much of my energies to trying to maintain a home. While one of these efforts was ultimately in vain, both did take a toll on both my body and my spirit. Time was needed to repair my spirit something I thought was impossible many months ago. But it did happen and now that my mind is clear on certain things I need to now focus on executing. The first most important thing for me to execute on is my body.

Now that I am turning thirty this year (holy shit) I want to make sure I do not follow the same path that other guys in my family have gone down, especially my dad. Besides, I want to not only live for a long time but I want my quality of live to be the best it can be during my time here. This is why I have hooked up with both The Cop and Methodical to start hitting the gym a lot harder than I have been these past few months.

Basically, when you work out by yourself, you tend to adjust quickly to the routine and not push yourself as hard as you could if you had someone providing motivational input. So the fact that both of my friends have decided to embark on this journey with me has given me new found motivation and energy I have not felt in quite a while. So we are like legs of a tripod. If one of us loses footing then we will all fall!

Of course, with two coaches pushing me past my previously self-imposed limits, I really fucked my body up last week! I not only tore both my Gastrocnemius m. (calf) muscles which left me practically immobile for a day and hobbling around for three more, but I also strained tendons in both elbows and both shoulders (no rotator cuff strain – thank God). Needless to say, without any pain killers in the house, I was extremely uncomfortable. Luckily, swelling was at a minimum and I didn’t see the need to see my doctor. Over the past fifteen years of participating in sports and lifting I have developed a high threshold of pain. But last week I was almost on the verge of tears for real.

Today, I am feeling better and I have enough control over my hands to be able to type pain free. On Friday, I thought I was home free being that nothing in my upper body hurt. But when I woke up on Saturday, that’s when the real fun began. Not only was I still hobbling, but I could hardly move my arms. This made showering and dressing very interesting. To be honest, I spent a little extra time in the shower and let the hot water penetrate a bit into my shoulders, arms and legs. It did feel good briefly, but after an hour it was back to the horror. I sure am thankful I am feeling better today because there are things I need to do in the garage and out in the yard that I need all my parts in working order for.