Friday, April 08, 2005

It's Finally Friday, Thank Heaven!

This morning I took care of a few errands early and since the weather took a turn for the good (yes, SUN is OUT when they were predicting rain) I decided to spend the rest of the day casually tinkering around house. You would be surprised how many little, teenie-weenie, projects come to mind when you allow yourself time to think about them. And one of them was to post, because I have been a slacker this week.

Well nothing too exciting happened really, but my bro Monkey did head off the Washington to visit Hermo and Leslie. Before he left he wanted to see if he could get a transport case for his mountain bike so he could take it with him to Washington. So of course, in tried and true Monkey tradition, homeboy called me the day he was supposed to leave and wanted to know if I would to tag along for the ride to Kreb Cycle to see if they had a case. Not a problem on such a gorgeous day ;) ! Sure as shit they did and it was a loaner, so Monkey didn't have to pay for it! Sweet.

Other than that it was pretty much business as usual this week. Domestic duties and finishing up the upstairs molding getting ready for the painting (which is my favorite part, sanding sucks the bollocks)!

So here I am in between loads of laundry typing away and reading my favorite blogs. You know I've found so many goodies I might just have to post again...


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