Thursday, April 14, 2005

iPod One

Obviously, if he hasn't learned a lesson from both Paris Hilton and Fred Durst, Bush needs a refresher course on effective micro-management of staff. After a Bush aide leaked the playlist of iPod One (president Bush's personal iPod given to him by his daughters) media and music industry types have been having a field day analizing his personality based on his musical choices. Do I believe a person's musical tastes are a window to their soul? Um, like no shit! ;)

While, many people are really reaching on a few of the assumptions basically the music revealed was not earth shattering to myself. To put things another way, Bush is a white collar shit kicker (by way of a limo) from Texas and most of the music on iPod One fits this profile, especially with all of the Nashville and lack of any african-american artists. The one surprise I found was the inclusion of "My Sharona" by The Knack. I mean on one hand it is your generic 80s tune with that feel good vibe. But those familiar with the song and its theme (which makes me wonder why my Mother let my dad play the record so much back in the day) know that this is something we are not expecting our conservative leader to be rocking out to while spinning on his Trek.

What is more humorous is that fact that besides the amount of coverage the song and the group have received in recent years (thanks in part to VH-1), Bush is still probably oblivious to the subject matter of the song. Similar to Robert De Niro's character in Meet The Parents regarding "Puff the Magic Dragon" where he believed it was merely a song about a boy and his magical dragon.

Check out the CNN article here. You simply can't beat this shit with a wiffle ball bat!