Sunday, April 24, 2005

I declare!

Unless you tell it like it is, people just won't respect you! Take this little guy for instance. His parents have him off to the right start. Don't pull any punches and don't be afraid to state the obvious as there are many brain dead mofos walking the streets today.

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They could have a Strong Island ghetto fabulous version of the tee that could read:

"I'm proof that my Mom likes her ass tore up!"

Or, a west coast flavor (a la Snoop) version of the same tee:

"I'm proof that my Mom likes to get shizzie with the nizzie!"

Or, maybe this version to really make people think:

"I'm proof that my Mom likes Daddy to bust a double horizontal on her ass!"

And another thing, isn't a baby proof that the baby's father also likes to bone? I know I do and I have no children yet that I am aware of.